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Donut 3 Mapping Thread
Didn't bother to check right now where all the chargers are - but on most maps botany is supposed to have one.
(07-01-2020, 08:47 PM)GORE Wrote: Other trashy idea:
Add a hotkey that lets you jump over the nearest rail in a heartbeat.

R for flipping over them seems appropriate to me
There are no latex gloves in medbay, as far as I can tell.
back door to EVA is just a maintenance doors. Assistants can get right in
So I sent myself in the mail chute from the bridge to QM and I circled the station twice before getting stuck in the bar.
It's possible to get respawned as an antagonist critter and get stuck in the clown hole

[Image: ccT0aJP.png]
The verdict buttons in the courtroom don't seem to actually work, or at least when someone was trying to use them they weren't functional.

The crew quarters room nearest the arrival shuttle (the one on the left) uses unsimulated carpets.
We have gotten some mentorhelps about the artlab only having one artifact, unlike other maps? I feel like 2 artifacts would be nice for new players that don't know all the other artifact locations.

Also, in the AI upload, you can just walk right up to the console and the console will block both of the turrets.
Now that I have a forum account I can say that you made a very lovely map. :3

Just found out that two maint tiles in the corner just outside the engineering break room have double catwalks on them.

Also, is it intentional that nearly every tile in maintenance has dirt on it? It seems a bit much if you wanted to repurpose maint for something.

Edit: The two smaller rooms in pathology use unsimulated floors.

Edit 2020-9-19 woops I keep finding crap: The cargo dock has a second APC on the south wall that's not wired in, and the APC for the main sec room is under a fire alarm.

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