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[Feature] Adds the ability to insta-replace floor tiles
So you want to replace the entire station's cheap flooring with gorgeous, glittery gold? Too bad, you are forever trapped in the repetitive and tedious hell of switching back in forth from crowbar and tile over and over, forevermore. You'll start to regret your decision half of the way through if not immediately, and by the time you finish you will have died of starvation if you didn't take regular breaks.

... UNLESS...!!!!
[Image: fA948yf.gif]

Yes! These troubles are now a thing of the past! Just hold a crowbar in your offhand, and in your active hand the tiling of your choice! Now just click any tiled floor and you'll automagically pry and IMMEDIATELY replace it! If you can pry the tile, you can replace it this way too!

Now go out and live out your dreams of replacing the station floors with butt!!!
but maybe merge this so you can do that please ty ily

PR: RY-05
thank you jenny very cool
very cool
very good QOL feature! add 2day
As long as non-antags aren't going around placing strips of telecrystal tiles this should be fine.
added this functionality probably

also works with borgs
(12-14-2019, 02:52 AM)Zamujasa Wrote: added this functionality probably

also works with borgs

I was about to ask about borg, no need! Quicker to fix broken tiles Yaaaaaaay!
Not the patch we need.

Not even the patch we deserve.

Quite frankly I dunno who thinks we need these things but I'm happy they exist.

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