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Vamp's Christmas Game Giveaway (Now with TLDR at the beginning)
big thanks for the big generosity, merry holidays
You too! Have a wonderful holiday. Bastion is probably one of the coolest narratives I've experienced in a game.
if any of you guys got a second message from me that was a quote of the previous check the messages in quotes. it might have keys. There's a weird bug where if you get the "sending messages too fast" error when you go back it puts the new message into quotes for some reason. Everyone should have all their games, now (Sam, check your inbox if you didn't get it. Got a replacement Overwatch key there.)
I'll chill in the discord for the next couple days (same user name)so you guys can message me there if anything is wrong. I'll also probably give away the remainder of the games there.
Thank you alot!

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