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Kyle's personal changelog/dev diary
Zamujasa had this idea a couple months ago and then gave up on it like a BIG NERD. But it seemed like a good idea that received a positive response so now it's my turn.

Basically, this post will be like my patch posts from before I was an admin. I'll post in this thread with changes/bug fixes I've made that are too small to mention in the main changelog. It'll also include some features I'm currently working on.

I'll start this off with some of my smaller changes from the last week or so:

- [bug fix] Prevent wraiths from being trapped in ice cubes (probably)
- [bug fix] Prevent organ damage when the organ's owner has no damage turned on. (mostly for admins)
- [bug fix] Fix runtime error occurring in npc kudzumen since they don't have the nutrients bar drawn. (eventually kudzumen npcs will be inhabitable by ghosts, much like flockdrones let ghost players join in)
- [feature] I admit that I am a huge nerd and that Flourish is more superior to me in every way imaginable.
- ["feature"] Change to the basic light grenade (don't worry the old instadeath one still exists!) that sends you to an unknown location without all your items.
- [feature] Spawn button in ghost hud that contains buttons for all respawn options. (ghost drone, critter, vr) might add the afterlife bar there, can't decide. video:

That's all for now.
Honestly, I like this idea for all the smaller stuff that doesn't need to be the biggest deal but still should make sure proper credit gets assigned amongst our many legions of coding monkeys all working toward Shakespeare.
(12-10-2019, 06:55 AM)Ravenmeister Wrote: legions of coding monkeys

Now now, let's not set overly high expectations for us coders

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