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Banned by flaborized
Who banned you?: Banned by flaborized

Byond Key: FloppySock

Date of Ban: I don't remember, but I believe it was in March or April.

Specified Reason for Ban: Labelling a person a "frequent masturbator", claimed that they were a friend who told them to do this over Snapchat. Read the rules, sexual content isn't tolerated here. edit: updated to perma since from your recent history its very clear that you're exactly the sort of person we don't want our players to have to deal with.

Ban Length: Permanent.

What led to the ban? I was playing quartermaster and used the label gun to label my friend "frequent masturbator" I was also given a short ban a week or two prior for RPing real religions as priest without cultural sensitivity.

Why am I appealing? / Why should I be unbanned: I really enjoyed playing on these servers, from what I have experienced they have by far the best UI and mechanics in SS13. I tried playing on a few other servers after I was banned, but I didn't enjoy it nearly as much. I wasn't taking the game very seriously before when I got banned, but if unbanned I won't act in such an inappropriate and rule breaking manner. 

Which rule did you break? Rule 4.

Evasion Attempts: When I first logged in after I was banned I think it was on my friends computer and not my main computer, but I don't really remember. It wouldn't have been an attempt to ban-evade, though, because at the time I thought I was only banned for a week and wasn't permanently banned.
Hey, thanks for making the appeal, I was the one who applied the original ban, however, I wasn't the person who upped the ban to permanent, I've contacted the admin who raised the ban so that they can review the appeal!
I stand by the opinion I had when I increased the ban length, but that was a while ago. This is a reasonable appeal and thanks for that. I see no reason to hold the past against you forever so sure, lifted, welcome back.

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