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Banned by flaborized
Who banned you?: flaborized
Byond Key: CaptainZozzle 
Date of Ban: Honestly don't remember the exact date it was probably in the first or second quarter of this year
Specified Reason for Ban: Said "My left nut hurts rn guys what do I do?", said in PMs they were talking about the nut on their cyberheart. Named themselves Cuu Uuuk. Between this and your history around here its pretty obvious you're not the sort of person we'd like to be involved in our community.
Ban Length: Perma Ban
What led to the ban? I had just gotten a cyber heart and I think I was asking why my "left nut hurt" on the cyber heart just joking around and my name was "Cuu Uuuk" I obviously knew what I was doing in the moment but didn't care. I'm pretty sure I argued with the mod but can't recall what I said or how I said it.
Why am I appealing? / Why should I be unbanned: I really like Goonstation's atmosphere and players for the most part and after I was banned I mostly stopped playing Space Station 13. What I did was wrong and I apologize for breaking server rules and arguing with the mods. If I'm let back on I'll be sure to follow them more closely. 
Which rule did you break? I broke rule #4. 
Evasion Attempts: None that I'm aware of
Hey, thanks for the appeal, I also wasn't the one to up this ban to perma, I was only the one who applied the original ban. I've contacted the admin who upped the ban so they can respond to this appeal!
Been a while, I'm glad to hear you enjoyed playing here and if you're cool with following the rule welcome back. Lifted.

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