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The Strelka
So the debris field change that added a few drones was actually intended to to many things, one of which was make the Russian derelict not so safe of an area because of both the strelka and the former relatively safe chem workspace.

In terms of the Strelka, I think it would be fine as is if there we're decent means to fight pods on foot period, or you didn't have to be a complete nerd or rich to get stupid OP pod stuff. As someone who has HoS access, and is familiar with most armory stuff as is, the lasers that are in the pod weapons crates straight up suck, they're the equivalent of an E-gun but you're forced to shoot on linear paths and they fire slower than the prismatic, and the pod seekers are honestly more practical against on foot threats than pods and they also actually suck at their job, because light pods and even large pods can easily out-manevour the pod seekers.

I think maybe more lethal drones around the Russian derelict along with more effective means to fight pods in general or a buff to the current methods would makr this less of a problem
Make station pods less garbage and delete the prismatic laser, replacing it with a crap light phaser. the prismatic laser can be a blueprint you have to take to a manufacturer to fabricate
honestly I'd say 'Disassemble' the Strelka and place its more important parts across the various "Russian" themed areas in the adventure zone while making the one at the little Russian shuttle station thing a bomb.
The Strelka's comm system used to not work with the station hangar doors, maybe bring that back? It'll make using it to destroy pods at bit more of a pain.

I also seem to recall there being a saw drone at the little bit where you run through space at one point. Since sawdrones can now put someone in crit in two hits, why not bring it back? Either you kill it or you make that mad dash across and try to close the doors before it catches up. If it catches up you'll be cut to pieces before you finish getting in the strelka, and the strelka itself will get destroyed.

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