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Official Spacemas 2019 suggestion thread
Spacemas is a time of joy for all. The month of spacemas, much like the month of spooktober, has a variety of fun nuances to it that fill the hearts and minds of players with spacemas cheer.

In that interest, please share your ideas for what can help make spacemas even more spacemassy for this year and for all time!
admin side suggestions : change Snow floor tiles to use a better sprite and you should only make snowballs if you click on grab intent
also, dont manually decorate every single bit of every station, just make some code that auto-decorates the station with holly/lights etc in sensible ways. its much better than having to backup + restore our map files later
Replace torpedoes on Manta with Spacemas trees
A cookie cutter that converts cookie dough and sweet dough into Spacemas-ey shapes like spacemas trees and space gingerbread people. Also, more milk and/or more cream created per milk for cookie frosting.
Give syndicate pods a red nose and antlers.
Replace coral sprites with mini christmas trees
After extensive spacemas related research I have come to the conclusion that the following are festive:

Elves - role, character, costume
Discount santa/mall santa - character, costume
Secret Santa, Kris Kringle, father Christmas, saint nick - character, costume
Gee you could almost make this a game mode..
Discount Krampus - character, costume
Fruit cake - food
Christmas tree
Yule pole
Ornament costume
Present costume
Grinch scrooge - Character, costume
Chimney - transit or decorative
Chimney sweep - costume, character
Fire place
Robe, slippers - wearable
Reindeer - replace critter sprite, costume, character, haul a sleigh/sled
Miss Claus - costume, character
Mistletoe - kiss
Eggnog - food
Stockings - I guess we already have these
Advent calendars
Nativity scene - changeling
Milk and cookies - offering
North Pole
Santa's factory
Yule log - food
Baked Alaska - food
Snowman - buildable, costume, character
Christmas lights suit - wearable
Caroling - emote, or book
Nutcracker - statue, costume, character
Cider - food
Cocoa - food
Sleigh - driveable? with reindeer or ?
Christmas cards
Bell ringer - bell, costume, character
Fake snow
Fake tree - draggable?
Christmas spirit- costume, character, wraith reskin?
Red nose - wearable

Thanks for coming to my Ted X spacemas talk
replace surplus crates sprite with a spacemas themed crate and you get a free guaranteed santa hat in it
Questionable cranberry flavored soft drinks.
Christmas crackers! They make an explosion noise and drop nothing if you open one yourself, but if you use one on another person it pops open and drops an item.
(12-04-2019, 11:14 PM)Camnui Wrote: Christmas crackers! They make an explosion noise and drop nothing if you open one yourself, but if you use one on another person it pops open and drops an item.

Can they drop PARTY HATS?
They should, just for the OSRS memes.
Give santa an ability(/Weapon?) to launch stunning/stam draining coal at naughty people.

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