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Goon 2,
Admins Online: MBC, Zamujasu, Somepotato, SageAcrin, Heiraphont
Server: Goon 2
Date/Time: 11/28/2019 at 12:28 AM
Synopsis: During a normal round, I had managed to get to and was showing a player around Centcomm. During this, a small canbomb sized explosion struck Centcomm and barely missed us. From then, on we were tormented by an admin, doing things such as stealing my ID and PDA and hiding them behind an unreachable fence. During the climax of this encounter, the other player was teleported in front of Readster's Office while a large arrow pointed us to go in. We refused, so the admin began forcing me into the office. The other player managed to escape with the port-a-sci while I was forced into the office and permanently removed from the round. 

This was incredibly infuriating as a player. I was completely and utter hapless and could not fight back in any way, shape, or form. My autonomy as a player was violated as I was treated with the same respect a Sim would get from a bored player, being forced into a room to starve with no way to object. Not only that my time was wasted. Rounds in Space Station 13 take a rather long time, and though dying is a part of it, being forced, permanently out of a round that I had invested 40 minutes of my time in, which was nowhere near being close to done is an extreme waste of my time. It invalidated anything I did that round, and kept me out from an on-going round that had plenty of time left on it. Treating a player as another human being instead of a toy is an incredibly important part to being an admin, and this did not happen here. And when I'm treated like a G.I Joe action figure you can throw against a wall, I don't want to play anymore.

Extra Information: Screenshot of me being thrown into the office while passed out:
centcom isn't safe
On the contrary, not once was it stated that Centcomm wasn't safe from an admin killing you and toying with you on a whim.
To expand slightly on what was already said, Centcom (and the rest of z4) is kind of a meta-area? It's a setpiece for lore and end of round mechanics with a cute aesthetic, but not meant to be a risk-free safehaven. There are known exploits to get there, which we don't necessarily punish people for using, but they remain exploits. 

going to centcom early is a conscious foray into the "home" of the admins. There are things which outright kill, gib, or delete you entirely present there. 

In essence, when you have to circumvent intended game mechanics to reach a restricted area, the gloves are off, and anything can happen at any time. Whether that's because you encounter a bug, or an indev feature, or an irate elder spirit who feels like tossing you to the wind.
I appreciate you providing some clarity with your response Wonkmin. However, I can't say I agree with the idea that you can freely bully a player just for being at Centcomm. Especially since the methods to get to Centcomm have been known about and been around for a rather long time.
So uh, I wasn't involved with this event, but from my experience with sol stuff and what not, it concerns me that it's a "all bets are off area" when both the original and new vaults were located in Centcom at first along with the button at one time. The other thing is that Centcom, like the adventure zones, is an interesting place to explore and peek about and takes more than the end of a round to explore all of.

It feels really rude to punish someone for exploring an area that is probably easier to access than the telesci zones and is only dependant on RNG that has been time and time again used for sol lore and other things. Also, why put all the cool stuff in the admin offices and other areas if no one is supposed to be able to snoop through it and see?
(11-27-2019, 11:57 PM)WhatATerribleUserName Wrote: Synopsis: During a normal round, I had managed to get to and was showing a player around Centcomm. During this, a small canbomb sized explosion struck Centcomm and barely missed us.

When that explosion happened I'm not sure if any of the admins there were even aware anyone else was t Centcom. There was some tomfoolery going on there and I know I was definitely surprised when someone mentioned there were non-admins there as well.

This is my own opinion (i.e. I do not claim to speak for any other admins or staff) but I personally feel that just being on Centcom isn't a free pass to having your round ended. Centcom has plenty of hidden dangers and I think it's fine if players go there and end up getting themselves killed (or otherwise fucked with) for it by their own hand.
I was always under the assumption anyone getting to Centcom without admin intervention was using an exploit.
I suppose this means if they're abused this casually that people think they're an intentional part of the game it's long overdue time to fix them.
So the CentCom explosive was done before anyone realized people were there.
Despite the methods of getting to CentCom being well known (I was the one who first figured it out when I was a player) -- it's still considered an exploit because you're bypassing a teleblocked area.. why else would the teleporter forbid you from entering outside of a container? It wasn't my intent to "bully" you (you probably should've spoken up about it during the game if it was genuinely frustrating you -- something you definitely did NOT seem to show ingame, on the contrary: you seemed to be having fun, corroborated with what you were saying at the time.)

Making claims like I bullied you, or that I violated your autonomy, make this read more like a hit piece than a complaint, especially when you say things like your time was being wasted when you quite clearly were enjoying yourself, as evident by what you were saying at the time:
[01:13:39] SAY: Jebediah Hawkins (WhataTerribleUserName) : If you have any integrity
[01:13:42] SAY: Jebediah Hawkins (WhataTerribleUserName) : You'll come down
[01:13:46] SAY: Jebediah Hawkins (WhataTerribleUserName) : And face us yourselves
The round was nearly 50 minutes when you died, the shuttle was called ~5 minutes after you died, you never planned on even returning, and relatively tame admin gimmicks are not particularly rare in the game; most players can attest to being affected by admins from time to time.

CentCom has no solarium related content, to my knowledge it never has (the button was not solarium related), and quite frankly you could've written this complaint without so much loaded wording in an attempt to sway people to your side.

And after all that -- after you had died, I had intended on reviving you but couldn't get ahold of you, as I typically do to most people who die due to some action I may have taken that affected them (or at least given something in return.)

We've since fixed the teleporter exploit but access to CentCom will be returned in the future via more 'official' means.
Hello Somepotato, I really appreciate you responding to the complaint.

Now, I would like clarify, I did not intend the complaint to be a hit piece in the slightest. I intended when making the complaint to express my feelings on what believe was rude behavior and intrusive behavior, as I didn't even know that you were behind it when I wrote this.

Those messages that were quoted above were not me roleplaying though. I was genuinely starting to get frustrated as you were trying to goad both me and another player into an instant death room. I do see that it could be interpreted like that though, and a much more direct "please stop" may have been better.

There actually is one small piece of sol content that ties in with the Vault, though it's rarely seen in use.

So on the dying and reviving me part. At this point I was already a little frustrated that night with the previous crusher maze that I lagged into at minute 0 of the round and spent 40 minutes twiddling my thumbs in dead chat. The messing with at Centcomm frustrated me further. And the Centcomm death that was completely out of my control just made me want to quit for the night. It's generally not implied that when you die to an admin you'll get revived, as with the previous crusher maze round, so I just decided not to bother and wait around.

While I do still believe what I said, I appreciate your perspective on the event and now realize that I should've just handled this with an admin PM rather than a full-fledged complaint.

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