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Enakai's HoS Application
yes absolutely, incredibly fair and consistently very fun to play with, has never once disappointed me as sec +a million
HoS material and I like your bee +1
Big Yes from me. I have had a ton of great experiences with Knight Torun from the criminal clowns side. With a good mix of strictness, fun, punishment and leniency.
As a clown main, being arrested by Knight is usually a fun time.

+1 honk of approval
I'll tell a story about one of the rounds with him, since I want to make my support meaningful. It's long, and I apologize for that.

There was a number of rounds that I played in the Security force alongside him. This was one of those.
I was a non-antag detective (Daniel Suthers) was working alonside with Knight, Madeline, and Llewes. (I swear I'm sorry if that's not how you spell it/not the right name)
We had an initial roll call over the security comms. Immediately after, he said this shift should go well with the roster he was working with. It was encouraging, especially considering how awful I consider myself as a detective.

We came across a suspect caught wandering around with an Electromagnetic Card. The ID Scanners yielded a match with his insulated gloves. Knight made the decision to let him go, under confiscation of the card. It was early round, after all.

Later, the armory was then busted open and all the lockers were EMAG'd open. Madeline and I scanned the containers and concluded that the ID was from a pair of insulated gloves. My memory was rusty on who done it, but I felt Knight was leading the search there.

We then had blobs to deal with, one after the other. Knight was leading the blob operations while I was scrambling to find parts for a makeshift flamethrower (since the armory was looted) and asking Genetics for activators and injectors for the team.
When I arrived on scene, the last blob has already been dealt with, so I just resorted to handing out the team's mutational upgrades.
He even had time for a heart-to-heart conversation which revealed a bit more of the detective's in-character love life. (Medical Doctor Alice Trici, I usually play as her before I tried out security.)

The shift ended with an explosion at the escape wing, in which it was from the suspect that we previously arrested. (Not sure if it was the EMAGer or not.) He had enough of the antags, and threw him out the shuttle after it departed.
There were 6-7 antags, one of which being a blob TWICE, but I felt the security team did their best to apprehend most, if not all the antags. I truly felt Knight was the MVP there.

My moments with him aside from that shift were in short details:
 On Daniel's more rough shifts, he and Knight managed to apprehend a wizard on the run.
 I had my sudden appendicitis removed by him via wirecutters while we were both investigating for a botanist spreading Kudzu.
 We had a few shifts in Manta, one of which someone was giving out QGP-flavored ice cream, and Knight fell victim for it. His loss felt like I had to step up my competence to make up for the team's loss. That's how valuable I saw Knight as an officer.
The other times while playing as Alice...
 Rounds before the big shift I was (in-character) sobbing over Daniel's death after he got vaporized by shocked doors. (Which did happen in a former round.) Knight gave her a little comfort, hoping things would get better. This also had him soon realizing that she was the detective's love life back in the "heart-to-heart" moment. RP props for him.
 I had a cart full of medical supplies delivered to security wing. He cared enough to deliver the supplies in to the security team. I even got confirmation over the comms as Llewes thanked "me." The fact that he said Alice's name made me realized Knight mentioned her making the supplies for them.
 On Alice's more sadder shifts, he wasn't hesitant to respond to her PDA messages, when I was expecting security to be suspicious of a PDA message asking someone to head over somewhere.

This was all in the more chaotic Goon 2, where RP is not expected.
 But I enjoyed RPing anyway, and knowing Knight easily played along with some in-character development makes him stand off for me.

Security is underappreciated, which is understandable. My detective character's bad attitude was supposed to be his personality - mostly jaded and serious, which is made up by I hope his competence.
 Knight has both good attitude and competence, as explained on this story posted. I even told him he's "usually HoS-like out there," when it's just me and him at the start of the shift.

I realized that me telling him that he's "usually HoS-like out there" should also mean voicing my support for him, as being HoS is approval-based. I had to sign up for the forums to do this.

I've seen him play Sec a few times now. Always very positive experiences. He responds to Sec issues without being unfun murder man in red. Yes, give him the beret.
The beret needs a good dome, and on Knight's it would fit snugly.

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