waffels5000 Mentor Application
Based on your ingame behavior, response from trusted sources, and your godawful previous applications, I have to say no.

I encourage anyone on the fence about this person to please read these first.

(First application, HoS)

(Second application, Mentor)

(Third application, Revision of above)

He can't seem to follow simple instructions either, out of four applications, one wasn't even the template, three seem to fail the word count, and that first one hurts to read.

A resounding NO from me
Klayboxx Wrote:I really don't think you know what ironic means

I'm pretty sure it's like raaaaaaain, on your wedding day.
I have never actually seen you do a job, have never received advice from you, and have no indication that you know anything about the game. The way you are acting however shows that you don't actually care about helping the game - you would have responded to people's doubts in a sober and calm way in place of screaming abuse and slander. Mentorship is more than a funny color, you also have to able to talk to and teach people, and if this is your reaction to a problem...

I have literally never seen you in-game, the previous applications you've made have all been rejected, and you're STILL missing 100 words in this application, jeez.
i dunno what to say man, i dunno.
I was really hoping that three years would make a player good enough to be a mentor. Unfortunately, I think you aren't ready yet. I've only once seen you (as Kenneth) play and that was months ago.
The applications are improving, but they're still quite bad. Spend some time improving it and actually getting to the damn word count. (You can google a word counter.)

Also, you need to play more and prove you can actually help people.

No. Wait several months like you were told last time!

I want to apologize for being such a bitch. Sorry

Frontline acrobat, sorry for putting such shitty application. Thanks everyone for reading my application.

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