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Asteroid Station idea dump
a cool ass idea would be to have a station set upon an asteroid that is as large as the station z level and the mining z level. but the cool part about the environment could be that on say a large part of say the north and east sections are all space tiles, as if the asteroid has a big hole in it or opens up to space. I've no idea how the actual asteroid part of the z level should be made but a few ideas off the top of my head are a super arid climate perhaps with lots of space dust/dust storms and then maybe a space western or space capitalist theme because its fun.

any other cool ideas would be cool because im no mapper but itd be cool to make happen
I think that the idea of dust storms is weird because how is there an atmosphere if you're open to space? Though I think it would be neat as fuck if there was a trench-like system where blowing a hole in the floor sends you to z5.
I think a better option would be to have the space be a nebula, where there isn't space per se, but rather a space-like turf that has all the same properties, *except* the property of making gas disappear - instead it should function like ocean tiles, creating gasses instead of fluids.

The nebula would likely be made of a thin atmospheric pressure (just a dozen or so kPa) with plasma dominating the composition, possibly with nitrogen and CO2 as part of the composition. You couldn't set it all on fire, since the nebula is deprived of oxygen, and any added oxygen and subsequent ignition would just create a tiny fire which burns up all the oxygen. Additionally, the nebula could actually be dangerously hot - maybe a hundred degrees Celcius - enough to burn anyone exposed to the gas.

Additionally, due to low environmental pressure, none of the nebula's gas (should) enter the station, and even if it does, implementing atmospheric forcefields shouldn't be an issue.

Basically, instead of space being a vacuum, it would be a thin mixture of plasma and inert gas. This would actually make lack of internals deadlier, since not only are you not getting oxygen, but you're also getting poisoned by both plasma and CO2 (small amounts of the stuff, though).

The nature of the station would work with this fact fairly well. Having areas of the station be completely isolated from one another lessens the danger of breaches and explosions. I think that having *both* transport tubes and physical hallways connecting portions of the station would be ideal. Plenty of airlocks and gaps to prevent any plasma leaks from spreading too far, but also ways to get around if the halls are compromised.

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