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Unknown Admin/Goon 2/ 11/10/19
Admin name: Unknown Admin(s)
Server: Goon 2
Date/Time: 11/10/19 at 7:20 PM Central Time
Synopsis: During the pre-round of a traitor round on Cogmap 2. An admin fired multiple plasma howitzer shots at the station. This utterly destroyed multiple departments and depressurized most of the station. Key features of the station were irreplaceably destroyed such as the Thermo-Electric Generator, The entirety of the bridge and the DWAINE Mainframe, Security's brig, mining, as well as important hallways as well as many other station features. This effectively disabled many departments and left them with nothing to do but wait for the station to be repaired, with engineers and science being hit the hardest since the engine was vaporized and both telescience and artifact lab no longer functioned. The main structural damage was somewhat repaired but the station remained mostly airless for the rest of the round.

The event itself was incredibly intrusive and negatively impacted a lot of people's round, myself included. With a good portion of the station disabled, there wasn't much left to do other than put on a breathing mask and wait for everything to be slowly repaired. It was, overall, incredibly boring and frustrating.

Extra Information: Some images from the event, taken near the end of the round, with some captions explaining the context behind them.
I looked into this. The admins behind this wanted to make a situation where the crew could work together and repair the damage, they spawned a bunch of supplies and items to help fix the station and gave tokens to the antags at the end of the round.

It's understandable to not enjoy a gimmick round but admins are allowed to do this kind of stuff once in a while, they were trying to create something fun and different. Some people enjoyed it but I'm sorry that it wasn't a good time for you and others.

Your feedback is important and will be taken seriously, thanks for letting us know. Stuff like this should be fun for as many people as possible, ideally everyone, but nobody's perfect.
Thank you for responding Magic Mountain. I do understand the idea of the gimmick, but overall felt it could have been executed better. I think everything's been resolved now, have a good day.

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