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[Feature] Sassafras and Beans
Sassafras and Beans

- Adds Sassafras Tree
- Adds Sassafras Root
- Adds Safrole
- Adds Sarsaparilla
- Adds alternate Space Drugs recipe with Safrole
- Makes Beans a real snack/plant instead of snack/ingredient so it can contain reagents
- Associates Nitrogen with Beans, because Nitrogen-fixing irl and also aids hydro in making space drugs

prpr: UM-028
i like sarsaparilla
Fantastic patch

Small input

(10-31-2019, 10:42 AM)Recusor Wrote: I think that MDMA/ecstasy should be a new chem that causes spontaneous dancing smile

Would recommend it being a new chem MDMA/ecstasy/XTC instead of space drugs, which is effectively analogous to space drugs, but with constant *Dancing and *Hugging (if there's nothing to hug, they'll hug themselves)

My reasoning behind it is a botanist flailing about dancing against his will (with all their Bees dancing in unison) is just too good to leave out. Also Space drugs is just too common a drug to produce, it'd be nice to have a fun drug that's unique to botany.
we already have a reagent that does the hug thing. I think the right call here is to add *dance to the list of possible emotes for space drugs. and leave mdma as an alternate recipe for them

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