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SageAcrin - Non RP Server - November 7th at about 5:35 CST
Admin: SageAcrin
Server: Non-RP
Date/Time: November 7th 2019 at about 5:35 CST

Preface: sorry its a bit long, trying to follow the format

This round took place on cogmap1, where SageAcrin had spawned a bunch of random ice cream cones in the public market area. After going through the cones I found a QGP cone, a chem which I've only seen twice in my entire time playing on Goon. Being excited, I decided to announce it:
Henry Yablinski [145.9] says, "alright"
Henry Yablinski [145.9] says, "an option has presented itself"
Henry Yablinski [145.9] says, "i dont think its a good idea though"
Henry Yablinski [145.9] says, "i currently posess 40 units of QGP."

This was in the middle of multiple blob fights. At this point, Sam Starfall (in-game name) suggests using it in chem grenades:
Stephen Rhinehart [145.9] says, "wait, pour it on the blob core"
Stinky Pete [145.9] says, "let the poor blobs live"
Sam Starfall [145.9] says, "HENRY"
Stinky Pete [145.9] says, "theyre living beings"
Henry Yablinski [145.9] says, "what"
Sam Starfall [145.9] says, "CHEM GRENADE KIT"
Sam Starfall [145.9] says, "IM GOING TO GO GET IT"
Henry Yablinski [145.9] says, "i shall prepare the beakers"

I'd like to say at this point that I had no intention of using the QGP until the end of the round, since its very much destructive and very much against the rules to use it as a non-antag. But, I figured the chem grenade casings would be a good option for the end of the round. At this point my beaker of QGP vanishes and I get this message:
You hear a voice in your head... Well now I know one nerd not to spawn ice cream around.

Fair enough, that shits crazy destructive. I decided to voice my sadness for losing such a cool chem over general comms:
Henry Yablinski [145.9] says, "they took my qgp"
Henry Yablinski [145.9] says, ":("
Stephen Rhinehart [145.9] says, "who did?"
Henry Yablinski [145.9] says, "admins i assume"

Then, this happens:
OOC: SageAcrin: I spawn random ice cream. Someone decides to power game it.
OOC: SageAcrin: now for publically bitching about it I'm gibbing him. thanks for playing.
Sarina Aero has been hit by the right leg.
DEAD: Ghost (Henry Yablinski) wails, "cool"

This is what prompted me to write this report. I completely understand taking away the QGP, it's the fact that voicing my distaste is automatically "bitching" and deserving of being removed from the round. That whole part of it just seems like a gross overreaction to me.
Believe me, my takeaway from this is that I never, ever will spawn randomized ice cream again.

Let me give you this from my perspective.

I have spawned in a randomized set of ice cream. I have *not* announced this and this is on a *three blob* round where the blobs are *winning*, so I know there's some risks involved. But it had gone well last time. And you know, if they get some advantage out of it, the blobs are winning. That's okay. I won't feel bad if it turns a close match.

There's only one stupid chemical in the entire game that will flip the entire round. Quark Gluon Plasma.

So I'm carefully poring over the randomized ice cream and a chemist walks through. Okay, everything's probably fi-

(Insert quotes about QGP, and chem grenades)

-Oh fucking great. The nightmare scenario presents its self. Well, I can easily just remove that. I mean it's not like anyone reasonable is going to complain that I removed admin spawned ice cream reagant when they decide to use it as "an option" to fight the blob and decimate Literally All The Antagonists and Save The Station when, you know, that was not my idea with fucking randomized ice cream.

So I despawn it. Alright and the person-immediately says that admins despawned it without ever mentioning where they got it.

I've had enough of this crap at this point. The situation makes it sound like I've deleted someone's hard anti-blob work and rigged it. I gib 'em and give the miserable OOC comment and have a lancing migraine through my right eye.

Overreaction? I'll give you that. Would I have respawned you? Yeah, you just needed to say something, I was surprised you said literally nothing after "cool" and instead jumped to this, but not very surprised honestly.

But my lesson's learned. If I can't control it and keep it from fucking up an antagonist's day, I damn well shouldn't go near it, because I don't want to overreact on someone because they powergamed it to the hilt.


Second post after having a bit of an anxiety attack!

Yeah, this was an overreaction at the end and rude for sure. Searching what I was thinking, the whole thing was more "gib for goofy emphasis" and ... I guess I figured because you didn't say anything that you weren't reacting.

That quietly compounded a bad decision, didn't it.

I'm really sorry is all I can say. The tone in the above post is left mostly because ... well, it shows partially that I'm a jerk sometimes and I'm sorry about that too. All I can say is that I was trying really hard to let three antagonists really do their best, let the crew do their best, and add something random as something to do while watching the chaos and it blew the fuck up on me while I was already being anxious about it blowing the fuck up on me.

Regardless of what I say, there's no excuse for the actions I did. I could have dropped a cluwne next to you and said what I did in OOC and not gibbed you, god. I'm sorry.
I can't speak for everyone but some of the staff and Sage and I are talking about this in admin chat and we agree it wasn't handled well. Sorry about the bad experience and thanks for bringing it up, we'll do better.
I'm glad to have Sage's perspective and I'm glad this is resolved. Let's get back to having fun!

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