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[Feature] Stops handcuffed people from blocking attacks/grabs.
Because someone said it on the discord and I thought it sounded good. Does what it says on the tin.
Hi I am the person who suggested this on discord

yes please this would make playing security much less annoying
Personally I think handcuffed people should still be able to passively block on disarm intent. I'm already cuffed so I wanna do anything I can to make things more of a hassle on my arresting officer/captor, including lying down so they have to drag me. Civil Disobedience is within my rights.
Not having to resort to flashing someone because a random crew member walked them out of my hand FUCKING AGAIN would be nice.
hello this still exists please merge
I feel things are fine as they are, this way when a badder cuffs you, or vice versa, they can buy some time by staying on disarm, for someone to come save them, whether it be the rogue AI, or security. If they're resisting grabs, just pull them, and then baton them, if you really want that grab.
I think having minor ways to resist and annoy officers is good. gives me a way to interact in some minor ways and gives them a reason to put the boots to me.
I mean the current workaround here as a sec officer is to either pull them back to security on disarm intent yourself, stuff them in the port-a-brig and drag them back to sec, or stuff them in the port-a-brig and tele them back to sec. There already are secure options if you want them, I think. That said while there are these options I don't have strong feelings on this.
being handcuffed is already a "checkmate" to be honest, I don't want it to be even harder to get out of it

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