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Banned by Flourish
Who banned you?: Flourish
Byond Key: Welden3
Date of Ban: 11/2/2019 11:15 PM Central Time
Specified Reason for Ban: You have been banned by flourish.
Reason: Makes a TTV and brings it to medbay. The TTV explodes right as they're in the OR. Welden3 claims that someone stole a second TTV they made, disassembled it, and used the remote signaller to signal the TTV Welden3 was carrying. Evidence suggests that this was not the case and that Welden3 dropped a remote signaller in medbay that someone picked up and signalled. Either way, given your long history with exploding people and the station with bombs as a nonantag, please stay away from all sorts of bombs and please be more careful in the future.

Ban Length: 30 days
What led to the ban?
I was making a TTV for an experiment, was not intending to detonate it. I made two because my first one was stolen halfway through the process. I made one, someone took it while I was not paying attention, so I made another one. Later, someone found the one that had gone missing, took the signaler off it, and pressed it, detonating the second one. I told this to Flourish, who accused me of lying and said that I must have deliberately left a signaler lying around on the station so that someone would detonate it.
Why am I appealing? / Why should I be unbanned: I did not do anything that Flourish has accused me of doing. My signalers were on an obscure frequency and I did not leave any of them lying around. One of them was attached to a bomb that was stolen from me out of the toxins lab, as evidenced by radio logs and more logs that you probably have access to. While I do have a habit of making bombs, I always use a special obscure frequency. In this instance the only reason that the bomb was detonated is because someone took a TTV with one of my specially programmed signalers from the toxins lab, pulled the signaler off, and used it. It is also possible they pulled the signaler off, left it lying around, and someone else used it. In any case, I did not leave any signalers anywhere outside of the toxins lab.

These are two radio messages from the round:

Travis Ronick [145.9] says, "TTV outside AI airbridge"
DEAD: Funky Klowng wails, "Hi, I accidentally set off the TTV. Honk."
As you can see in the first one, someone mentions finding a TTV lying around, and in the second one someone admits to actually detonating the bomb I was holding. I believe this helps back up my story, there may be other admin logs that will also help to corroborate this.
Which rule did you break? N/A
Evasion Attempts: No
Hi, thanks for the appeal.

I know for a fact that:
(1) the radio signaler that set off the TTV you were holding was not the radio signaler that was attached to the TTV that you claim was stolen
(2) the radio signaler that set off the TTV was touched only by you and the person that picked it up and signaled it

Therefore, you must have dropped the radio signaler, and that person picked it up, signaling it and setting off the bomb. As the person who made the bomb and dropped the signaler, the deaths of other players and the destruction of the station are your responsibility.

Again, you have a very long history with bombing people and the station as a nonantag, so please stay away from all sorts of bombs in the future. This means making them, selling them, using them, etc. These sort of accidents aren't good, so please be more careful.
The thing that sells me on this being a 30 day for certain, when I was looking it over, was my stunned reaction when I learned that the signaler was nearby for anyone to grab, not just a generic one, but also did indeed seem to not have the generic code on it.

That, combined with the player who signaled it's reaction-a player who got caught in the blast, who had about five lines of profanity from nearly gibbing themselves-sell me on this being an "intended accident". In and of its self bad enough, but compounded nastily by the medbay location and the player's record... it looks awful, it looks like someone not wanting to get nailed on their own bomb but wanting someone else to blow it up.

I think about half a dozen people got caught on this to start with, and TTVs are not light things that people can easily swipe or make; the fact that you just kinda theorize signaler and TTV theft but have no clue who isn't great either. Toxins access isn't a particularly deep pool, and the person that found the signaler, notably, did not have toxins access.

So yeah, no, I agree totally on this.
The location of medbay is easily explained, as many fellow players on the server can tell you, I have been doing experiments implanting TTVs into my own chest and also deepfrying myself. I was there in the process of doing that, although there will be no surgical logs due to the fact that I was immediately detonated upon arrival in the operating room. I was a staff assistant and did not have toxins access. I hacked all the way into toxins, literally anyone could have followed me in. In terms of theorizing who stole the original TTV, I was attacked by a vampire briefly at one point and I did not notice the bomb was gone until after that. It's possible the vampire stole it, I don't know for sure. It's not a theory that the TTV was stolen, the radio message corroborates it. I did make a TTV, someone stole it, I can't prove that the stolen bomb signaler was used to detonate my second bomb. I can say with total honesty that I made 3 signalers all set to the same non default frequency, one of which was in my backpack, one of which was on the bomb I was holding and about to implant, and one was on the bomb that went missing. I would like to ask how exactly you know that the signaler that set off the bomb wasn't the one from the missing bomb. If you look at things from my perspective and just accept for the purpose of this that I am not lying, this has now accounted for all 3 of the signalers I made. The signaler that detonated the bomb has to be made by me because it was only touched by me and the person who signaled. I touched it, which means I had to have made it, but from my perspective I can absolutely 100% swear that I only made 3 in the whole round and the only one that wasn't on my person when I died was the one that went missing with the first TTV. At this point one of us has to be mistaken, as I had no reason to make a fourth signaler, and the third signaler was on the bomb that detonated, the only way for me to be mistaken is if I had accidentally somehow taken the signaler out of my backpack and accidentally dropped it or I suppose it's possible that I never put the first signaler on the first TTV and someone took it out of toxins at some point. As far as I can recall I am almost completely sure that I did not do either of those things, so I would like to see the evidence you have that proves the signaler that was used was not from the missing TTV. Additionally, I do not know whether this is something that was logged or not, but if it is I would like you to check to see when I last touched the signaler that was used to set off the bomb because if it was quite a while before the bomb actually went off, that would actually help my case and would make sense with what I remember about the series of events. I would also appreciate it if you could talk to the person who set off the TTV and ask them where they found the signaler.

As a final leaving message, and I know this probably won't help my case at all, but you're right in that the intended accident bomb thing is something that I have done in the past and been punished for. However, what this means is that I know that it's something that I can't get away with and that the admins are specifically looking for this kind of behavior from me. Additionally, when I have done it in the past it has mostly been with can bombs. If this was something I was going to intentionally do, knowing full well that I would certainly get banned for it, do you really think I would go with something as small as a single TTV? I'm aware that I don't have any plausible deniability when it comes to these things.
I was involved in the round, so I'd like to give some relevant information. I don't know if it is anything not already known from the logs.

I was a vampire that round. My name was Danielle Gerous.

I came into toxins and stole what appeared to be an unfinished bomb. I stole it and attached a plasma tank to it, then left it lying around.

I do not know anything regarding signallers. I did not come into contact with any signallers that shift. I do know I did not change any settings on the bomb, but I cannot guarantee nothing was changed on it after I left it lying around.
(11-02-2019, 09:52 PM)Welden3 Wrote: I would like to ask how exactly you know that the signaler that set off the bomb wasn't the one from the missing bomb. 

The missing TTV wasn't disassembled and its signaler wasn't removed until after medbay blew up. The signaler used to blow up medbay was a different signaler, and would have to be the signaler that you claim was in your backpack. 

(11-02-2019, 09:52 PM)Welden3 Wrote: I would also appreciate it if you could talk to the person who set off the TTV and ask them where they found the signaler.

I talked to the person who set off the TTV and they corroborated my findings and what the logs say. This was all confirmed before your ban was applied.

(11-02-2019, 09:52 PM)Welden3 Wrote: I'm aware that I don't have any plausible deniability when it comes to these things.

You have a very long and extensive history of breaking the rules and/or trying to skirt them. When rule breaking behavior keeps happening, you get less and less benefit of the doubt and there become more and more consequences. I can't say for sure if you intentionally dropped the signaler for someone to pick up, or if you accidentally dropped it, but in the end, given your history with bombs in the past, I think it's appropriate for you to take a long time off and stay away from these sort of dangerous things in the future.

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