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iamgoofball - forum unban appeal
My Forum Username: Iamgoofball
Date and time of the ban: 11-10-2017
Who banned me: Not sure, maybe it was popecrunch? (pope edit: it wasn't. it was wonk, but pope hollered at him a whole bunch.)
Message given in the kick, if present: Not sure, but I know the ban reason is for making the off topic spam post linked to in this thread.
Summary of events leading up to the ban: I posted a very dumb thread in Admin Complaints at this link: about two years ago. I was promptly banned, and popecrunch put up an announcement post saying "hey dont post garbage in the serious business subforums".
Why I should be unbanned: This was an exceedingly stupid thing to do on my part and I fully apologize. This ban is well deserved, and I totally understand if you choose to leave it intact. I would like to appeal this though as it has been two years and I feel that I have learned my lesson on this ban.

1. posting bad jokes in the serious complaints forum for people to report actual serious events of administration abuse is not okay in any way, shape, or form. people are trying to do serious shit in there and getting in the way of that with bad awful fyad tier jokes is not okay

2. this attempt at a joke was shitty and not funny period, and i apologize to anyone who had the misfortune of seeing it originally

3. using some kid's fanfiction as the butt of a joke is kinda extremely shitty and really just bashing of kids who wanted to write in familiar environments with characters they're used to, people shit on fanfiction writers enough as is, treating some kid's work they poured a ton of care and thought into even if it is by definition not exactly the best written is just incredibly shitty and i regret that a lot, there's problematic messaging and theming in the fanfiction that's definitely not okay but it's still a beginning writer's work and shitting on that endlessly is just awful

As for why I created this account to appeal it, Gannets informed me via Discord direct message when I asked about if there was anywhere I could appeal the ban that I should post here, and make a new account if I needed to, as long as I explained who I was. I apologize for evading this to appeal but this was the option laid out to me by a staff member when I contacted them to ask about where I could file an appeal for the forums ban at.

I am not posting the exact verbage of the conversation here out of respect for private messages being private but if Gannets okays me posting it I will.

Gannets okayed me posting the image, censored my discord because uhh, there's some kinda huge weirdos in the ss13 community that are mad at me for not being a nazi and i dont really want them trying to harass me anymore on the offchance they see this thread, will PM the uncensored version to admins who ask though
[Image: AfRy.png]

oh also activation emails for the forums are getting spam filtered by GMail, not sure why but may want to contact google about that
I'm absolutely the one who yelled at you, but Wonk is the one who pulled the trigger on your forums ban. I'll let him know about this thread.

Questions came up - I'm asking because Wonk's a bit busy. Why do you want to be unbanned? Near as we can tell, you don't play the game and don't hang out in our Discord server?
I wanted to make amends for my shitty behavior in the past, and the channels for that in the ss13 community is through the appeals process. I did crappy things to you guys via forums shitposting, porting features you guys protested the porting of, and general dumbassery. I play the game from time to time but not very often as I'm pretty burnt out on bog standard ss13. Things like the under water station are pretty cool, though.

I don't hang out in the discord server because I'm banned from there, but due to discord's incredibly poor ban system my ban isn't being enforced by discord's systems anymore since both things the ban was linked to don't exist (i switched my discord account bc of weirdo nazis, and comcast is currently not giving me the static IP i'm paying them for so my IP is now different. Fucking comcast.)

I'm not sure what the ban reason was for the discord as Gannets said no reason was listed in the audit log.

Full disclosure, I joined yesterday temporarily to ask if I was banned or not as I wasn't sure if I was banned at the time, but since you guys were able to find my old account on the ban list I'm respecting that ban, and left as soon as staff was able to verify my ban was there and that I was not mis-remembering being banned.

I totally understand if you guys see no reason to lift this forum ban in light of this information.

I can't edit my post, could someone please update my OP to clarify that Wonk was the one who placed the ban for paperwork purposes?
I enjoy goon communities. They're one of the few video game oriented leftist spaces left, and the rest of the ss13 community is awful to be around. I've been spending a lot more time around other goon communities, especially on Discord, over the past year and it's really grown on me, and that Hope u got 10 bux requirement really keeps out a lot of the awful sections of the internet like nazis, fash-adjacent assholes, and general homophobic and transphobic dickbags.

/tg/station's host is a literal unironic MRA. He seems to think Bitcoin is a good idea. I think he might be a libertarian but I'm not sure. He holds the codebase hostage by threatening to fork if we change features for balance or ease of access reasons. The playerbase at /tg/station throws a temper tantrum if they are asked to not use racial slurs, ableist slurs, or sexist slurs.

/vg/station and hippie station are that but ten times worse because of being directly 4chan linked in the case of /vg/station, and directly alt-right nazi fash infested in the case of hippie station.

I don't enjoy the gameplay at Baystation and Paradise as I don't think it's well balanced, but the community there is miles better than the previous examples.

Goon still has the best community by far by virtue of banning people for using slurs. It's a small thing that has an amazingly large impact on the quality of the community. You don't get nazis who whine when you tell them that their anti-Semitic bullshit is stupid if there's no nazis. You don't get racist fuckwads insisting that "actually, white people are being oppressed" if there's no racist fuckwads. You don't get transphobic shitheads spouting bullshit suicide statistics if there's no transphobic shitheads.
Any word on this? It's been a bit.
This ban has been lifted
Cool, thanks!

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