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NSS Artemis Needs Your Help!
(05-31-2020, 07:11 PM)UrsulaMejor Wrote: Right now we are mostly just looking to produce a ton of prefabs; interesting places to go with interesting loot or things to look at. Ideas, maps, sprites for maps, etc.

we have some planet sprites in the sprites thread. It would be awesome if we could get like 4 or 5 prefabs per planet that already exists. check them out!

Is a prefab just a small constraint map or is there something specific which has to be done while creating a prefab? I think I got a few ideas that come to mind...I would just need to know what has to be in a prefab.
Perhaps having a Discord channel for this project would be best. Additionally, having examples of existing sprites, maps, and objects, either in the codebase or in Discord, would be extremely helpful in creating a consistent art style and layout.
I'd also like to ask:

Is there support for procedurally generated environments, such as planet surfaces and space stations?
We will not be doing anything procedurally at launch, with the sole exception of mining stuff
Is the Artemis project still going on? If so, I can make some prefabs!

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