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Banned by flourish
Who banned you?:flourish
Byond Key:Xzudic0
Date Of Ban:10/19/2019
Specified Reason for Ban:Killed a guy for stealing their artifact. Logged off before I could talk to them. Has a history of overescalating things. Please take some time off and reread the rules 
Ban Length:13.9 Days
What led to the ban?: I was dragging an artifact around in the halls, and then Philip Durant stole my artifact. I flashed him and told him to not steal my artifact. He did it again, I flashed him again and I told him to stop. When he got on the escape shuttle he got inside the room I was in and tried to steal the artifact again. So I flashed him and beat him up.
Why am I appealing? / Why should I be unbanned: He kept stealing my artifact and I told him to stop so when he tried to steal it on the shuttle I got tired of it and beat him up. I'll try to restrain myself from doing that the next time something similar happens.
Which rule did you break?1. Don't Grief.
Evasion Attempts:None
Hey, posting here with permission from Flourish, as a witness to the event.

I was a security officer at escape when this happened, things were hectic so I did little more than say "stop" when I saw you beating on him, and you did, for a second, right until he took it again, and then you flashed him, repeatedly tazed him, dragged him to an airlock, and tossed him out, which would've killed him had we not all TP'd into the shuttle, but you still felt the need to beat him to death after that. That's a bit more than just "beating him up", you weren't just trying to rough him up for taking your artifact, your goal was to kill him.
Hi, thanks for the appeal. Like DyssalC said, it seemed pretty clear that you intended on killing the guy. While I get that it's frustrating when people try to steal your stuff, you really shouldn't jump to beating them to death. Call sec, rough them up a little (but definitely not excessively), call them a thief over the radio; those are all viable options. The idea is that you shouldn't escalate to murder so quickly. I'll shorten your ban length; please take the remaining time to refresh yourself with the wiki page on Grief and please try to be more careful in the future.

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