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Fractal Flake Unban Appeal (banned by hainesa)
Who banned you?: Unknown, banned by AutoMod
Byond Key: Fractal Flake
Date of Ban: Approximately 10/18/19
Specified Reason for Ban: "Chainsawed a guy into crit and logged the very moment I PM'd them asking him why they did. Appeal this and explain yourself, please."
Ban Length: Permanent
What led to the ban? No clue. The last time I was online was about three days ago playing two rounds. I was not online until today when I learned of the ban. I didn't even get a chainsaw in the two rounds I played earlier this week. 
Why am I appealing? / Why should I be unbanned: The last time I was on was 3 days ago. I didn't do this. I have been playing on off for the past 3 months and just want to be able to do telescience in peace. There was a similar case of this earlier where I was pm'd by an admin (no idea who) for some rules violation I did not commit about a month ago. That got resolved after some investigation. I've already changed my Byond passwords in case someone has taken my account info. 
Which rule did you break? I'm assuming rule 1 for No Griefing, but I don't know. I wasn't online
Evasion Attempts: None, but apparently someone tried to dc to ban evade.
I have updated the thread title with the admin behind the original ban and notified them to the existence of the thread for when they're available to look into the matter.

Per some investigation into the issue and the banning admin's permission, the ban has been lifted. If further issues arise please make them known via further posts in this thread.

Have a nice day!

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