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Gimme your hot take
Please list your a) favorite and b) most loathed room or department on NSS Horizon. This information will be used for an unspecified project. 

Optionally weigh in on why. 

most loved: crew quarters, because I like the way it's its own little area with a snack area and such. I like when the dorms feel like a respite area for eating, getting dressed, and snacking. the tubes in and out are also pretty hella

least loved: ai chamber, because as ai I like it when people visit me, and being on its own little island discourages that. I also generally don't like it when the upload and mainframe are in different rooms, either
most loved: court room for its super guilty button

most hated: idk why but the arrivals wing strikes me as weird, like, its weird to have to run through the arrivals shuttle to get to a pod i guess? sorry
Most loved: The wide-openness of the Mini-Bar, Boxing Ring, arcade and Nerd Dungeon. Not many maps have this open design but I love it...

Most hated: The fact you need to walk /Through/ the Arrivals Shuttle to get to the podbay. Which gives some room for some accidental spawnkilling...

Runner up for most loved: The map being bordered by wreaks, debris and asteroids. Helps remind you that 'hey, you're in space and stuff fucks up really quickly...'

Runner up for most hated: The AI Core ship for having a fairly bland entrance/bridge(?)
Favorite: Fore hell-med room. It doesn't NEED to exist, but its presence is good.

Yuck: Mining. Specifically, dare I say exclusively, because of the shuttle.
Most Favorite: Cloning Room. It's so nice and spacious (compared to tiny cloning rooms like Clarion and Cog1), with plenty of room to interrogate recently revived players for information (be they an antag or a victim of one).

Most Loathed: Chemistry. It's very isolated and hard to get to if you're not a scientist. I know this doesn't happen very often, but it's nice to be able to walk up to the chemists on other maps and ask them in person if they can make you a certain chemical.
there are no loyalty implants in the armory/laid around in sec, making rev a lot more rev sided on horizon in comparison to other maps.

my favorite is the overall aesthetic
My favorite area would probably be botany. It's so spacious and cute and pleasing. I also like the courtroom; like Adhara mentioned, the buttons are very cute and novel and I love the thoughtfulness that went into that.

My least favorite area would probably be medbay. The flow just feels awkward to me, and it feels like two of the central rooms are almost never used (the one above the lobby and the one to the right of it).
My favorite and least favorite are both the same. Medbay. I love how messy and crazy the western medbay cloning room gets. But the adjacent room to the east, with cryo and some beds I really dislike. I feel like it uses a lot of useful medbay room to do nothing, same with the sleeper placements by the lockers.

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