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Trial HoS Rounds
I heard some talk about them a while ago. Is anyone still offering them? I'd like to give HoS a go for a round to gauge if I should apply or how much more I should play as sec, and to get experienced feedback on my sec performance.
Someone correct me if I'm wrong here, but I think the HoS trial was just an ad-hoc thing done by OMJ as a fun little encouragement for officers to step up to the plate, I don't think it was official or anything.

I would recommend speaking to HoS' in the pre-round lobby in any game to see if there's any appetite of them handing over their beret/ID/outfit/gun. I think you might be surprised with how many will take up your request, but I would also recommend playing a round underneath that HoS so they actually know who you are and not some blow-in looking to shoot things.
Admin HoS' from my understanding usually don't have a problem with running for familiar officers, I know Kyle has done one for me recently. To also note, mentors have the ability to try out the HoS role on Fridays, but excluding these things, there's not much to it like a schedule or anything.

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