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Unban appeal - Sageacrin
Who banned you?: Sageacrin
Byond Key: Berrik
Date of Ban: Oct 17
Specified Reason for Ban: You have been banned by sageacrin.
Reason: Three screens worth of welding fuel lit in escape taking out a borg trying to prevent it, as a non-antag, as a "flashy suicide". Apparently not sure why this was bad even though he damn near depressurized escape too-mostly luck that he didn't. Could have also blasted a much larger area since the puddle could have sparked way larger across doors and did in places.
Ban Length: 3.5 days
What led to the ban? Decided to immolate myself in escape with a bunch of welding fuel, which was, at the time, unoccupied (though a borg ran in when I was igniting myself and sucked up some of the fuel with a fluid container)
Why am I appealing? / Why should I be unbanned: This is a silly ban. No one got hurt (other than me) and there was minor damage at best, not even depressurizing anything. I most certainly did not take out the borg in question (who ran in AFTER I warned people over the radio to avoid escape), as it was dragging my flaming corpse away afterwards.
Which rule did you break? I don't believe I violated any rules. Rule 1 would be the closest applicable one, except, as stated, no one but me got hurt or died and the damage to the station was mostly cosmetic. I literally even went back and fixed the two wall tiles that got damaged as a ghost drone. It's not like I did this in a high traffic area such as medbay or a hallway or the bar. 
Evasion Attempts: none
The borg was permakilled in the explosion. This is actually quite reasonable; welding fuel produces a lot of small explosions which utterly shatters borgs, in a puddle. Yet another reason it was a bad idea, come to think on it.

Escape is the highest traffic area in the station and people literally have to go through it. (One of the thoughts I had literally right after is "Why would you not pick Chapel on Cog 1 if you were going to do such a questionable idea? Why Escape?")

I largely wanted to have a discussion with you on why literally everyone can't do this and hence you can't. Somehow this didn't sink in, so I was hoping "Well, you just can't do it then" might work. Apparently that didn't either.

Appeal denied from me.

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