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Nukies and the Shuttle.
This may be a wierd request, but can the shuttle recall itself and be unable to be called again when a nuclear bomb is armed? i don't know how, but i recently had a round where just after the nuke was armed, the captain slotted the disk in and then the AI called the shuttle. it really takes away the satisfaction of winning.

-A Salty Operative

this probably wont even be added due to it being an emotional request with no real reason for it to be added, but if it was, it could be accompanied with a centcomm announcement such as:
"While the Nanotrasen values their sla- employees, we have determined that the threat of syndicate operatives making their way to central command using our shuttle is too big to ignore. we bid you farewell, and good luck for the unlikely event you actually manage to deal with the operatives."
The first shuttle call used to fail during nuke. I'm not sure if it was removed or if it's bugged.
To be absolutely fair, if the shuttle arrives and the nuke is still armed, the game considers it a Nukie win anyways (based on what the game says after the round is over anyway, so probably intentional).

You just don't get the cool explosion I guess?
Make calling the shuttle immediately remove 6 minutes from the nuke timer.
I think it should be the same as rev rounds; you can call it, but it gets recalled after it gets too close and can't be called again. I guess that might be an issue if a nuke op hides or the nuke never gets planted and becomes lost or something. Still, can have a time limit just like rev rounds.

Nuke ops is one of the few round types where you want the whole crew to fight, calling the shuttle isn't a fun way to go about that.

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