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Ban appeal for DRAGONfluffy by sageacrina
Who banned you?: sageacrin

Byond Key: DRAGONfluffy 

Date of Ban: today not to long ago

Specified Reason for Ban: Reason: Ran around punching people as discount godzilla. Was observed very closely.... and I almost bought newbie until a superfast opening of a plasma can someone happened to have around. When I pressed him a little on this he IMMEDIATELY logged out. Dunno, explain it on the forums, it scans like mid-range grief we could talk through but we need to talk for sure.
Banned By: sageacrin
This ban applies to all servers.
(This is a permanent ban).
If you believe you were unjustly banned, head to the forums and post an appeal.
Ban Length: permanent

What led to the ban? I’m still a little new I don’t know much about jobs so I spawned in on as Godzilla (cas best kaiju) for punching people it was a bit of grief honestly, I want to apologize for that, I kinda wanted someone to kill me to end my night… (almost beat the clown to death cause I thought someone said that)

My experience with space station 13 is a bit of Tg and watching a few videos. For opening the can I just walked up to it clicked on it seen close and no open so I just assumed, didn’t really really know anything past that so walked away.

When the mod messaged me… it kinda sank in what I was doing was bad, it’s really late and I froze up… told them I didn’t know what I was doing, (witch isn’t a complete lie) told me to look at the wiki and was like “yeah ima do that when I wake up” and closed the window kinda realized it might have been a bad choice after doing what I did so I logged back on to check if I was bad wasn’t… got paranoid and logged back in to see that.
Why am I appealing? / Why should I be unbanned:

I’m appealing because I have a friend who wanted to play with me. I kinda like it, although I have no real clue of What I’m really doing. Can’t argue to heavily I was kind of a dick. Thank you for the time, sorry if this is a wall of text.

Closing statement if It was bought down to even a week long ban I’d take that time to reflect on what I did and read the wiki like the mod said.

Which rule did you break? The first, I just read the rules.

Evasion Attempts: iv never been banned form anything before so I honestly don’t know how.

(This time is my first post in a forum, hope I followed the rules, I might forget my log in when I wake up, but try to check on this when I wake up.)
That's all I really wanted when I was messaging, an explanation of the whole thing; I'd have let you off with a warning for the grife, especially since it was mid-tier no one dead stuff with no prior record, but you poofed on me.

Will lift the ban, thank you!

Oh, and to add something, since this kinda makes me happy; As a matter of form, when someone totally new comes on and griefs, this is just my standard way of getting them to explain. That you not only did-most people don't-but read the rules, followed proper form on the appeal, and even seemed to feel really bad, suggesting a lesser ban instead of a full lift, makes me really happy.

Don't feel too bad about this, you done good.

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