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Banned by firebarrage
Who Banned You?:firebarrage
Byond Key:Xzudic0
Date Of Ban:10/1/2019
Specified Reason for Ban:Gibbed 5 crewmembers while TTVing a blob after just being told to cool it 2 days ago
Ban Length:6.7 Days
What led to the ban?:I saw a blob in sec and I had a ttv on me so I asked the captain if I could blow up the blob and he said he was fine with me blowing up the blob. I gave people a warning that I was going to blow up the blob in sec and that they should stay out of sec until the bomb went off.
Why am I appealing?/Why should I be unbanned: I was trying to help the crew fight the blob and wasn't trying to hurt them while doing so, and since I had a ttv I thought it'd be a great idea to use it on the blob. Next time I'll only use a ttv as a last resort.
Which rule did you break?:Rule 1. Griefing
Evasion Attempts:None
We really need to talk about this TTV habit here. Yes, you did ask the captain if you could blow the blob up and they said yes. However, the captain telling you it is fine does not mean it's fine to run in and set it off in a way that injures crewmembers. Yelling your plans aloud doesn't mean you suddenly aren't responsible for any injuries that occur, and there were quite a few. 5 crewmembers were gibbed when you set that off, each one a non-traitor. Including the captain, who I'm pretty sure didn't mean for you to blow him up along with the blob.

I checked the very next round while looking at this and saw roughly the same thing. Yet another bomb was set off as a non traitor injuring several non-traitor crewmembers.

This all comes just two days after you were told the following:
"Looking it over, this was really a chairbop and some disarm attempts and you put a hole in escape and killed a clown. This is basically the last warning you get here-stop trying to kill antags with self-embedded TTVs unless you can learn some serious self control. Not everything that messes with you is an antagonist, and even if they are TTVs are one of the worst weapons for them, capable of killing innocent bystanders and putting holes in the station the antag never would. Last warning here."

You were told about the problems we have with all the innocent bystanders being injured/killed and you went and did it again. Because warnings weren't working this time you were tempbanned. This has got to stop.

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