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Hukhukhuk, Goon MRP, 9-27-2019
Admin name: Hukhukhuk
Server: Goonstation MRP
Date/Time: 9-27-2019

I was minding my business as Janitor, couldn't get to CentCom on time. As the round ended I got hit with this gem:
Labelling a borg HUGE HOMO, since you're the one talking shit, your ban will only be lifted upon you reaching a 1200lb total in squat bench and deadlift in a single video recorded lifting session.

Reminder that I wasn't playing roboticist, or doing anything inflamatory, or talking shit to admins (I literally didn't get PM'd at all before the ban). This should be supported by the logs. Even if it was a slip of the finger that caused me to receive the ban and not someone else, it should've been noticed almost immediately. 

Log: Banned By: hukhukhuk
This ban applies to all servers.
(This is a permanent ban).

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