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AleksAdamska's Mentor Application
Aleks and her characters are a positive force in the community and I'm always happy to see her around. She's both helpful and eager to learn, which seem to be imporrtant mentor qualities. I would definitely trust her with mentor questions. A big +1 from me.
Aleks is an outstanding member of the community. It's always a pleasure to see her in a round and I've had a lot of very good experiences with her. Her understanding of the game is strong and she's quick to grasp new concepts and actively goes out of her way to learn, which is great. She's also extremely positive, and very much has the attitude necessary for mentoring. Absolute +1 from me!
AleksAdamska is one of those people that you can always trust to be fun to play with. She's also an amazing teacher, and would be a fantastic mentor. To top it off, she's got a got a great personality for the job.

Hi I also recommended this app and wholly support it. Give Aleks the purple text.
AleksAdamska is a fantastic player, one that elevates rounds in which they participate with their excellent RP and fun demeanor. It's always a pleasure to see them around the station and I can't recall a a single negative interaction I've had with them. Aleks has a strong desire to help teach new players and would serve as a good example for them to follow. A strong +1 from me
ok ⠀ ⠀⠀
I am passingly fond of this individual and their playstyle/teaching.
Yeah like everyone has been saying, Aleks is very nice and helpful and fun player. Give purple.
Aleks has a great capacity and patience for teaching players both brand new and experienced, even if it's something she is unfamiliar with. She has a keen interest in keeping the round interesting, does it in fun ways and is very friendly all along. Wonderful person, would mhelp "how to pee".

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