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AleksAdamska's HoS Application
Ella has all the makings of a great Head of Security. Strong communication skills and the ability to make decisions in the best interest of the players and round are qualities that should be expected of all HoS. Another +1 from me
+1 on the communication. Reliability is hard to come by in ss13 and Ella has it by the bucketfuls. Yes
Excellent player, good communication, and good judgmental skills.
Aleks is an excellent security officer who can handle just about anything thrown at her. +1
Aleks has what it takes to be good security; giant hands to punch with, steel toe boots to break in kneecaps, and the clear mind needed to tell when to apply these destructive forces of nature. It takes a special kind of person to apply a gentle touch in a job that often requires brute force and it's this attention to social grace and detail that makes Aleks a prime candidate for HoS.

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