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Figurine Bag
I was playing with figurines earlier and I was surprised by how much variety you can find with capsule machines, capsules, and the figurines themselves. The only problem I had was that I wanted to sort them all instead of just keeping rare ones so I could make little armies of each type. A bag like the ones Botanists get would be nice for dragging in figurines-- the type you drag in is the type that fills up the bag!

Not a big gameplay change, but it would make figurine research much more enjoyable.
someone sprite a nice little bag for figurines, or one of those neato carrying cases I see.people using, and I'll code this easy. it's probably literally a 30 minute code if sprites are available
I tried my hand at a figurine bag. It's meant to look like a bigger, bag-like version of the figure capsule. I think I got the satchel's placement relative to the fullness overlay right.
[Image: eTuuuni.png]
I also made a carrying case sprite. While there are some figure cases that look like hardened suitcases, I took cues from these more stylized cases that used to be sold by Figures Toy Company. It's probably more fit for a reskinned box than a satchel-type item, but I think it could work (personally, I like either way)
[Image: Nh5mbXm.png]
I'm not sure if it's possible to make the sprite change upon loading/unloading things into/from satchel, but I also made an open-sprite, for when you're loading figures in or taking them out.
[Image: 9lqZyWb.png]
For the curious, some rejected/potential alt designs below, including a different case design with a clown in space and some different logos in the top left.
[Image: eGkJ1wn.png]
[Image: HrFebYL.png]
Wow, this is exciting! Those sprites look great!!

Now all we need is a flavor job for a game shop owner that has a a room full of dice, cards, and figurines and a back room where people can playing tabletop games.


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