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Yes, Terminator borgs are cool.
No, there shouldn't be a borg part with the sole purpose of causing human harm (even if it's DIY).
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Traitor Roboticist Wants More Toys
I am aware that roboticist gets some pretty fun toys already (Borging chamber and syndicate frame), but I've noticed that they're missing one thing to make terminators with: Weaponry! Why should I build battleborgs if all they're going to do is attempt to robust people with a soldering iron/fire extinguisher/Whatever the borg has?

I propose an idea: The ability to attach a few basic weapons to robot arms during the borg construction process (or replacing the arms of an existing borg). It would go something like this:

Roboticist builds a cyborg.
He does all the stuff needed to create one.
However, the robot's internal tools aren't going to cut it for the malicious gear.
And so, the roboticist obtains a Taser/Phaser and uses a screwdriver on it.
They attach it to the robot arm and screw them together.
Then, he adds a few extra wires connecting the gun to the cyborg power cell.
The result: a borg arm that, at the cost of the associated item slot, can shoot like a gun. However, this hastily thrown together device won't be able to fire as fast as a regular gun, and will drain power from the cyborg's battery.

This is probably overpowered and hasn't been done for a reason, but perhaps there's a chance this could exist? I really just want to build a terminator borg as a traitor roboticist...

(First post, by the way)
I'm having security borg flashbacks.

100% should in no way ever at all be something that can be done without a specific traitor item. I have war flashbacks to the days of cyborgs (and replicants) running around with nearly infinite insta-downing taser shots and welded on handcuffs and harmbatons.

Maybe make the old "security" style module a purchasable item for traitor roboticists. Maybe at like, 3 TC so you have to decide between a combination of how many syndieborg frames you're going to need vs modules or if you're brave and just going to rewrite the laws for 4 Robocops.
As someone who was given a stun baton that ran on my battery as a borg once by an admin on an ass day, I can definitely say DO NOT!

Cyborgs have the energy to effectively keep someone down forever with a stun weapon, meaning they can drag someone over to the crusher or into space and keep them down until they die (something I managed 5 times on Ass day before I finally died despite every single one warning everyone constantly what I was doing).

A taser would only be worse.
I had a similar experience to Technature's when I had an owl gun (removes all equipment, gives target owl mask and suit) that ran on my battery one Ass Day. While I had to recharge every 10 minutes or so, I could fire 10+ shots from it in the meantime, and within a half hour, pretty much the entire station was in owl garb. I was content enough to just make bad owl jokes, but given that I had also been granted a police baton and infinite duct tape, I could have easily done the same thing Technature had done.

I personally wouldn't accept a cyborg taser or similar unless it a) drained a percentage of the battery rather than a set amount b) required a high capacity battery (so you couldn't give yourself a really small power cell and charge it to full really quickly with cell cables to get around that percent drain) and either c1) could drain stamina but not take it below 0 stamina (probably higher you couldn't knock it below 0 with an extinguisher) or c2) merely staggered or disorientated . So you could disable the guy attacking whoever you're guarding, but not really keep them down, and if you decided to take out your killing weapon, they'd still have a good chance to recover and fight back. (There's probably some more problems with this setup too.)

Besides, I'd say borgs have enough weaponry. The trick to think beyond bashing the meatbag with the highest damage weapon. All borgs start with omnitools and can thus make MechComp traps, albeit kinda slowly since they don't have an inventory for transporting components. Engineering borgs have an RCD to depressurize the station and can welderbomb with their welder with some risk. Medical, Chemistry, and Civilian borgs have beakers/watering cans/buckets for chemical warfare and can abuse their immunity to fire and poison for point-blank hellsmoke/foam delivery. Mining and Brobocop borgs don't really get anything as deadly as the above, but can still maim with some creativity. I remember one Rev round where a borg set several Revs on fire, multiple times, with just some welding tanks and pieces of paper and another Rev round where the Brobocop forcefed Revs with shots of Bo Jack Daniel.
How about some specialized robotic limbs? Something that can morph into a normal looking arm into a melee weapon or tool?
Why not just make the borgs in question immune to stuns? Would make them far more deadly if they can survive a flash

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