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Make metal foam grenades a little more convenient
Currently if someone breaches the station, you might be inclined to throw metal foam at the breach. To actually properly replace the floors, you have to break the foam flooring away and then place a floortile. You should be able to just hit a metal foam turf with a floortile to replace it with a tile, so you could repressurize a room before replacing all the floors if you chose to use foam grenades. (Currently they're pretty useless for breaches)

It'd also be cool if there was a variant that didn't create walls of foam or maybe didn't create walls of foam if they covered a space tile. Breaking through all the walls a foam grenades make over a breach is annoying and because of that the grenades go unused, but if you didn't have to do this and they were just a temporary way to fix a breach I could see engineers actually using them (which is good because using grenades for things is very fun imo). You could even justify putting a bunch in their lockers and making it a fun engineering tool.

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