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Fenriswolf´s character (or characters, we will see)
Name: Astra Elysia
Alias:  None
Age:  22
Birthday:  21 of October, 22 years ago
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of Birth: Regar Major Colony
Current Residence: NSS Destiny
Father: Darren B. Elysia III
Mother Kalindra Elysia
Eye color: green
Hair color: Turquoise and blue
Height: 1,83 m
Weight: 55,3 kg
Disabilities: Naive, easy to convince to something. 
Occupation: Roboticist in training - 
Previous Occupations: Internship on NSS Cerberus
Education: Kaleen School of Robotics on Regar Major, Internship as a roboticist on the NSS Cerberus, under Doctor  Krang Rusnov. 
Marital Status: Single
Habits: Smoking, getting drunk every now and then.
Hobbies: Playing video games especially in the VR Holo-Room. And anything a friend would convince her to.
Admires: Any kind of machines and robots. Like AIs and cyborgs, they are Astra´s favourites.
Disdains: Speciecist humans, who think they are the best - or only - sentient creatures in this big universe. 
"Not being able to live up to my Dad´s expectations. I really want to be his heir, but it isn´t that easy as it looks,"

Darren Elysia is the founder of Elysian Robotics Incorporated, a company that produces cyborgs and robots used all across the galaxy. As the partnership from Elysian Robotics and Nanotrasen went on, it was just normal for Darren to send his daughter on an Internship on the Nanotrasen vessel NSS Cerberus, where she learned the ropes of being an on-ship roboticist. Now, with the age of 22, Astra Elysia is a full-fledged roboticist, ready to start her new assignment on the NSS Destiny - ready for all adventures awaitinng.

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