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Health Analyzer Variants for Genetics and Pathology
Currently the upgraded health analyzer can tell us what reagents are inside of someone. This is pretty neat! However, it can be hard at times to tell what genetic mutations someone has, and even harder to tell whether that pathogen you've been infected with is a deadly plague or a minor cough. What if we had some variations on the health analyzer upgrades? Say, a box of Genetic analyzer upgrades (In Genetics) and a box of Pathogen upgrades (In Pathology)? Or even in the Nanomed dispensers?

They could be color coded by what they do.
  • Blue - Functions as the Upgraded Health Analyzer currently does, scanning one's health in addition to reagents present.
  • Green - Displays a list of any Genetic Mutations inside an individual in addition to a normal health scan.
  • Red - Displays the symptoms of any Pathogens inside an individual in addition to a normal health scan.
I'd flip the blue and red (as red is the "normal" health upgrade right now) and put an M, G, or P, on the health analyzer which corresponds to the specific upgrade it's received.
add a corresponding color coding on the analyzer, and ya got my vote!
What about adding the ability to see someone's genetic stability along with their genetic mutations? I've always wanted to be able to see my own stability for power testing reasons, and a fellow geneticist that is both there and willing to assist can be hard to come by.
Definite +1 here
Great ideas!
Love both the original idea & Skornzy's suggestion for the genetic upgrade module. Think this would be a fantastic addition.
Could also add the ability to swap what mode its currently on or something, and add the functionality to the upgraded health analyzer no?
It might save a bit of backpack space and some grief of pulling all 3 out and swiping' em to see whats wrong
The Genetics one should probably only display genes once the Gene has been researched though, or we'll end up with Geneticists instantly sprinting out and scanning everyone to power game 2 specific powers etc.

However what might be good is if you get some colour coded feedback when you scan someone, IE blue for positive genes, red for negative genes and perhaps orange or something for special Genes, those fancy ones that require some manual work. So you can scan someone and quickly see what percentage of their genes are actually positive and worth researching.

and yes 10000% let us see stability with a scanner.
+1 on this. And +1 on being able to finally see with certainty what my own genetic stability is. Or to easily see what it is for other people.
good idea

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