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Remove / Rework encrypted DNA and decryption mechanic
With the advent of the dna booth I've been doing some genetics and I was reminded of the encrypted dna pairs that you sometimes run into

Never once have I ever actually solved one of these the ‘normal’ way. After all why would you when you get dozens of free unlocks just from round start activation of your own genes?

Suffice to say the mechanic is basically nonexistent. Everyone just uses unlocks which they never run out of - at least in my experience. If you really did run out of unlocks somehow you can just bypass the mechanic by using an activator anyway

The mechanic should either just be axed entirely or reworked so that it actually has some engagement past clicking the lock icon and typing in unlock
The whole A-T G-C minigame is rendered useless by activators and auto-decryptors being a thing. Giving it a different kind of functionality could make it useful again without scrapping it while making genetics more involved.

Randomly throwing out a suggestion(since that's the purpose of the subforum):
One of the big hurdles in genetics is getting people to come in if they have good powers. If they don't, you have to keep scrambling the DNA of the gene booth subject until you get what you want, at which point you're just rolling a dice against RNG with either success or failure and it usually involves a lot of frustration.

A potential idea of an alternative would be to have the current system remain in place: if you can get the person to arrive you can make an activator and finish the job near-instantly as it is now, but with the additional option of performing the research manually without the subject using the whole A-T G-C minigame, the completion of which puts the mutation in some kind of fully researched mutation pool that you could now make injectors out of.

If a geneticist is dedicatedly looking for one singular specific mutation, they would now have an ability to do so by putting in extra effort and going through the minigame rather than having to scramble the subject's genepool, look through all the mutations and wait for the emitter cooldown before repeating the process over and over, at which point usually the round is starting to come to an end.
It'd cut down on the RNG aspect by giving genetics players with a specific goal(acquiring x mutation) a clear path to accomplish so, helping avoid frustration and allowing them to get rolling faster than if they had to rely on just re-scrambling the genes over and over, while also leaving the current options(asking a person which has the mutation to come over and have their stuff activated) available, with the system hopefully balanced as to make that the favorable option when it's possible, for example by adjusting the sequence checker cooldown to make the activator option generally faster(in addition to the already existing benefit of the activators providing bonuses with the filled injectors).
Complex DNA would very probably be exempt from the system since it's a massive reward for finding out the crewmember with it, though it also often suffers from the difficulty of getting the person to come to genetics.

The possible implication of this addition would be the potential for genetics to be able to roll out all their mutations too quickly, but right now geneticists are often stuck staring at their consoles and often not getting everything done that they wanted to before the shuttle arrives. That said, removing the RNG frustration would probably be a net benefit and the way genetics works there are a lot of variables that can be adjusted to balance the system as a whole as well as just specific components such as this one suggestion. Some things would also probably have to be tweaked, for instance the frequency of auto-decryptors to make them relatively rare, for example.

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