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Make Internals Shut Off Automatically
When you run out of gas in your internals right now, you just start suffocating and then die. I could have sworn it used to be when you ran out of gas, the internals would just shut off automatically, giving the same message as when you attempt to turn on internals without an internals-acceptable mask. Whether that used to be a thing or not, it should be a thing now. It really sucks to die because you forgot your internals were on when you went AFK for a bit while in a perfectly oxygenated environment.
If it is a thing, it's not happening because there's TECHNICALLY still oxygen in it.

0.7 oxygen, of course, is not enough to breath, but it's still IN there.

Changing the mechanics so they turn off after it reaches unbreathable levels would probably be the best way to go.

Course, I don't make the game so I could be entirely wrong on that.
No, automatically turning off air-tanks when it is unbreathable would directly interfere with two things - the age-old method of intentional air-tank suicide and sabotaged air-tanks.

It's simple enough to turn it off on your own if it runs dry - if you accidentally leave it on and go AFK for extended periods of time the onus would be on you. Go run into a pod/find a secluded place to hide in instead of running on air tanks 24/7.
I feel like oxygen loss could use a more obvious indicator, akin to eye damage. Like, everything starting to get blurry.

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