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Roboticists get alert when a borg is destroyed
Dying is always a pain, especially off station, but as a human you can get yourself clonescanned or implant yourself with a health implant to at least have a chance of getting back into the game.  As a borg you pretty much have to hope that your head survived, that someone notices your head, and realizes that they can put that head on a new borg body.  This... generally doesn't happen.  Alerting the roboticists that a borg has been destroyed might at least give them a chance at getting retrieved and put on a new body.

Besides, if NT's willing to take steps to ensure death doesn't stop their employees from working for them, you'd think they'd do the same for the guys they don't have to pay.
good idea, style it the same as a medical alert
I personally would like a warning borgs can send to robotics if they run out of energy as well. Like a button they can press and sends an alert to robotics PDAs and maybe like a little computer with a light that flashes in robotics.

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