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Caution Tape
The suggestion is to add either some caution tape with supports or a caution barricade sign as items. These could be placed along the floor to block player movement, but can be easily bypassed by just picking up the object or by some movement option. 

These items could be given to security and mechanics. Security could use it to block a trap or crime scene, and mechanics could use it when setting up a complicated component system, block some exposed wiring, or for people to stop asking questions every time I try to mess with a door or electical system.
Atmospherics barricade is needed too
(09-03-2019, 01:28 PM)ImNotMaster Wrote: Atmospherics barricade is needed too

There is already something like that. I forgot its exact name, but there is a kind of mobile shield generator, which has modes for blocking gas, liquids, or gas and liquids. You can usually find them in engineering.

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