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DNS servers
DNS (Domain Name System) - system that provides fast access to any computer/server without searching address of it. For example, you want to connect to other computer on other side of station. You can just walk there and found out it's address, but this is can take too long time. 
How DNS works:
For example, user wants to access mainframe. He types "connect mainframe" and computer sends word "mainframe" to DNS server. DNS server searches it in hosts.txt, sends IP address to computer and computer connects to mainframe.
hosts.txt looks like this:
//address name
10000000 comp_A
11000000 comp_B
11100000 comp_C

00000001 - DNS server address

comp_A "connect comp_B"
comp_A sends "comp_B" to 00000001
DNS server "finding comp_B in hosts.txt"
hosts.txt"11000000 comp_B"
DNS server sends comp_A address of comp_B "11000000"
comp_A connects to comp_B

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