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Gang Mode: Gang Item Rewards Thread
This is kind of a suggestion thread and a sprite/asset request thread all in one.

There's been a lot of discussion about the state of Gang Mode lately and we have plans to make several improvements. One theme that has come up time and time again has to do with the points in Gang Mode. The points don't mean anything in-round and the different ways to acquire them are a quite out of balance. 

In that interest, the general plan is to allow gangs to but Gang Items from the points they earn by doing their gang activities (capturing turfs, making drugs, stealing the payroll budget). A major part of this will be to re-balance point earning, but that's not so relevant here. Originally we were planning to just add a bunch of syndicate or useful items to the list of items the gang members can buy with their points, but I thought it would be fun to use this as an opportunity to add more Gang-themed weapons (To keep the game mode unique) and such, since adding items like this is usually relatively painless. 

So things you think would be fun for gangs to use: Guns, lead pipes, switchblades, swords, aviator sunglasses. Or even more campy things, like kung fu or ninja weapons for the gang stylish gang. Or Hatchets for a Hatchet Gang.

Of course sprites and audio clips(free public ones like at use as sound effects are very welcome and will go a long way into adding a suggested item. The art is the hardest part after all.
I quite like the idea of having rewards for gaining points, and I do fully support it, but there is one caveat that should be addressed:

It seems that this could make it impossible (or at least extremely difficult) for a losing gang to stop losing - a gang with more points has more tools and gear to get more points and take out other gangs, meaning other gangs are more easily beaten and lose their territory faster, which leads to the winning gang getting even more points.

So, while I support rewards for getting points, there could be random drops based on total points accumulated across all gangs. So, if one gang is doing really well and the total number of points among ALL gangs surpasses some pre-determined value, then a crate with random loot is dropped somewhere on the station and announced to all gang channels with the general location of the loot crate (or multiple loot crates). The crates cannot be opened or dragged by anyone NOT in a gang (though this isn't a necessary feature if people think that this isn't necessary).

What this would result in is a risk/reward scenario, wherein by gaining more points as a gang you can potentially get even stronger, but you run the risk of giving rival gangs tools to combat you.

For actual items, perhaps they should be based on where the drops happen. For example, if a loot crate is dropped in the Science department, then certain Scientist-specific traitor gear (excluding, say, the portable Chemi-Compiler) could be in the crate. Similarly, a crate dropped in Maintenance would have Staff Assistant unique gear. Of course, these job-specific items should be added to a pool of possible loot in the crate, not guaranteed - so you can still get a revolver in a science crate, even though it's a universal traitor item.

The total number of items shouldn't be static, but rather based on TC cost. For example, each crate could have, say, 6 TC worth of gear. So, you could get a single Emag and nothing else, or 2 mindslave implants, or a Syndie Device Analyzer and a chameleon projector.

I'd say that the vast majority of traitor items should be available in the drop boxes, save for things that require heavy technical skill (e.g chemi-compiler). Also, there should be major drops that have a budget of 12 TC that are very obviously announced as a high-value drop box.

For gang-unique items, perhaps there could be:
  • Deluxe Spray-Can ~ You spray your tags even faster (and looks cooler!). Try not to lose it to a rival gang member, dipshit.
  • Drugs/Cash ~ Simple but you get more points! How nice! (Or you could use the money to buy gear and the drugs to better fight people - up to you)
  • Gang Goggles ~ Rare drop (equivalent to 12 TC) that lets you see exactly who is in an enemy gang and what gang they're in. Very obvious when you wear it, though - try not to lose it!
  • Re-skinned traitor items ~ Mechanically identical re-skins of certain traitor items that are gang-themed (e.g police baton reskinned to a lead pipe, or a katana reskinned to a machete)
Big into this idea as a whole.

Not too hot on the idea that some items would/should be restricted solely to Gang. I feel there should be some items that are available through normal means (traders and especially construction if the item is janky as fuck) and the more stronger items restricted.

Im just not a fan of modes living in their own microcosm. Kind of sours the "do anything" feel of ss13. But that's a big digression, I'mma return to this thread at a later date.

*Cough" SWED Knuckledusters *cough*
I think it would be neat if individual gangs had unique abilities and items. For instance, a gang called "The Mutants" that got genetics powers. Give people reason a solid reason to join one gang over another
I feel like getting more turfs should unlock different equipment of varying strengths based on the amount of turfs won, while then the gangs can spend their points from weed/meth/etc, on acquiring said hardware.
it'd provide a decent-ish balance and could potentially allow the other gangs to play a bit more catch up by sabotaging a gang's point income via methods.

I do agree though that adding rewards will inevitably lead to a snowball regardless of the decision, but we can deal with that road when it comes later, gang really needs *something* to make it less, well, turd.
I really like the idea of rewards for gang activities. It'd really help drive the round forward and create real points of conflict (control of areas, control of chem/botany for drugs, QM for guns and resources, etc) rather than the nebulous gang points that currently have no impact. While I agree this will lead to snowballing, it'd provide a lot more motivation for players to actually gang instead of turning the round into ass day for 1/3 of the server.

As for the rewards, I'm in the group that thinks that gang rewards shouldn't be traitor items, but rather knock off crappier versions.
What if there were gang roles, appointable by a gang leader, that let people collect something similar to Syndicate kits? Stuff like:

The Wheelman - Moves a little faster, gets a car
The Muscle - Gets the Meat head trait, brass knuckles
The Snitch - Can spot other gang members, bleeds easily
The Hitman - Gets a bald cap, Fibre wire, and two clocks
The Loanshark - Gets a sharp suit and a briefcase for depositing loot into
Perhaps, in addition to the area control mechanism, there could be drops of special equipment announced to all gangs, always in a fairly secluded location.

The 'drops' can't be moved, nor can they be opened by non-gang members, and have a timed lock on them. Once opened, they'll drop a handful of goodies alongside a few drugs and disappear, leaving transport down to the crew themselves.
Think like a couple Clock-18s and mags on a small bed of weed and various pills.

While I mention it, perhaps anyone involved in a gang gets Assistant-level access added to their cards? I like the idea that they've all found out how to, at the very least, move illegal things through maintenance halls.
I'd like to bring this thread back on track a bit. There are some good ideas that people posted for how to make changes to gang, but this thread was more specifically about suggestions for items that gangs could want to use in the round. Less about balance issues and other things which definitely will be taken into account when it gets to that stage.

Certainly some regular syndicate items could be used, which gangs can be rewarded with, but i also wanted more thematic items for gang. Like how aft suggested, certain reskins of traitor items with maybe slightly different stats.

That's not to say that I'd only want them to be used for gang mode ans nothing else. But I think that gangs woyld benefit from getting items that aesthetically fit with the game mode.
I want a bunch of bottles I can put on my fingers and say "(name of gang), come out to plaaaaaaaaay" as a gang trinket so I can attract the attention of rival gangs.
A lead pipe that does significant brute damage, but also some toxin damage - lead ain't fun to play with!

Shiv - does lots of brute damage with a high chance to cause bleeding, and it fits in your pocket! Nifty!

Glock - A handgun. Not a revolver, but it is chambered in .22 ammunition, so you can get more bullets from a hacked fabricator.

Pimpin' Ride - A reskinned car that has sweet trims, underglow, blastin' music, and is generally a pimped up hot rod. Mostly for looks and showing off, though. Also comes with a trunk and locking mechanism - handy!

Tattoo gun - lets you tattoo your gang tag onto people. Looks like that needle hasn't been cleaned, though...

Contra-bag - a special backpack/satchel/duffelbag that completely blocks contraband scanners from being set off by its contents. Probably best suited as a traitor item but w/e.

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