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Minor Having Airlock UI open after cutting power can shock you repeatedly
I recently cut the power wire with uninsulated gloves with Chui disabled and got repeatedly zapped and stunned until I closed the airlock UI.
If it helps, this has been a bug since before Chui has been implemented to things like airlock UI. If I had to guess, the code checks to see if you have the UI open to determine whether or not to shock you, or if you're 'interacting' with the door (e.g trying to open it).
I always thought this was a feature, as having the window open is kind of an abstraction for you futzing around in the wire cabinet, and thus you'll keep getting shocked cus you're still messing with the wires.
this has been a thing since donut 2

to refresh the window, the window forces the mob to interact with the door

so basically, every window refresh forces you to get shocked again

it's what makes door hacking dangerous, and is sort of like hellburning where the player base has kinda just accepted it as an unintended but ultimately value-added bug

that said, coders gonna code. maybe it's time we killed it?
intended or not, I always thought this was a feature - if you get shocked and don't close the window it's a bit like getting electrocuted by a wire you're still holding on to.

It's a lot better than just a single hit of shock, IMO.
I’m kinda fond of this bug/feature please don’t axe it
I thought it was intentional, comparable to holding onto the wire like an idiot while it shocked you.
I get that this is funny, but this is extremely unintuitive as something that would happen just by having the window open. This should either be made a lot more obvious, or removed imo.
Haven't there occasionally been whispers of electronics hacking code needing some touching up and modernization, with shocking like this being cited as one of the reasons why? If so, i feel it should probably be left as is until door hacking as a whole gets fiddled with.
you could replicate the 'stop touching the door!' effect by auto-closing the window and forcing the shockee to keep getting shocked until they input a movement key or drop their tool from their hand or something

edit : if someone wants to sprite a flashy-skeleton-electric cartoon style animation, we can make a new state where this animation plays and does damage over time kind of like a 'burning' status but much shorter? When cancelled it could dramatically BAMF and throw you backwards if the shock was strong enough

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