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unban appeal for beastkill60
Who banned you?: Shotgunbill
Byond Key: Beastkill 60 
Date of Ban: 8/21/19
Specified Reason for Ban: I said that the teles power was being gay and my power went out which is a bit ironic. this was in the middle of talking to him
Ban Length: perm
What led to the ban?called teles power gay and power went out and yeah
Why am I appealing? / Why should I be unbanned: My power went out  which there is nothing i can do about and im really new so while the power was out i learned how to use teles and artifacts and toxins on my phone, and i would rather enjoy messing around with them
Which rule did you break? calling things gay teles specificly
Evasion Attempts: i hopped on tomy friends account just to see if it works.
Hello there, friend.

The following is the full extent of our conversation, including ban reason.

Quote:[115:33.3] Albert Friedman (Shotgunbill) [DEAD] PM'd Jerry Jerry (Beastkill60): alright amigo i have some questions for you
[115:39.5] Jerry Jerry (Beastkill60) PM'd Albert Friedman (Shotgunbill) [DEAD]: lets hear em
[115:47.8] Albert Friedman (Shotgunbill) [DEAD] PM'd Jerry Jerry (Beastkill60): 1) have you read our rules
[115:53.2] Jerry Jerry (Beastkill60) PM'd Albert Friedman (Shotgunbill) [DEAD]: yes
[116:1.5] Albert Friedman (Shotgunbill) [DEAD] PM'd Jerry Jerry (Beastkill60): 2) do you fully understand our rules?
[116:11] Jerry Jerry (Beastkill60) PM'd Albert Friedman (Shotgunbill) [DEAD]: for the most part yes
[116:19.1] Albert Friedman (Shotgunbill) [DEAD] PM'd Jerry Jerry (Beastkill60): 3) [98:53.4] Jerry Jerry (Beastkill60) SAY: ;power is beingrather gay - why did you call it "gay"?  
[116:35.4] Jerry Jerry (Beastkill60) PM'd Albert Friedman (Shotgunbill) [DEAD]: i felt like it was being rather gay
[116:42] Albert Friedman (Shotgunbill) [DEAD] PM'd Jerry Jerry (Beastkill60): 4) why did you trap James Coquette on the ice moon?  
[116:51.8] Albert Friedman (Shotgunbill) [DEAD] PM'd Jerry Jerry (Beastkill60): lava moon*
[117:17.2] Jerry Jerry (Beastkill60) PM'd Albert Friedman (Shotgunbill) [DEAD]: we genuinly didntmean for him to get trapped it was supposed tobe a in and out thing to see where it was
[117:32.1] Jerry Jerry (Beastkill60) PM'd Albert Friedman (Shotgunbill) [DEAD]: we had the tele open but power went out
[117:35.7] Albert Friedman (Shotgunbill) [DEAD] PM'd Jerry Jerry (Beastkill60): and you've read and understand our rules?
[117:43.1] Jerry Jerry (Beastkill60) PM'd Albert Friedman (Shotgunbill) [DEAD]: indeed i have
[117:52.5] Albert Friedman (Shotgunbill) [DEAD] PM'd Jerry Jerry (Beastkill60): i'm gonna tell you to not play on Goon RP #1
[118:2] Albert Friedman (Shotgunbill) [DEAD] PM'd Jerry Jerry (Beastkill60): i think you're better suited for our non-RP server
[118:13] Jerry Jerry (Beastkill60) PM'd Albert Friedman (Shotgunbill) [DEAD]: there is a non rp server
[118:19.5] Albert Friedman (Shotgunbill) [DEAD] PM'd Jerry Jerry (Beastkill60): it isn't this one
[118:37.4] Jerry Jerry (Beastkill60) PM'd Albert Friedman (Shotgunbill) [DEAD]: its the one with like 80 peeps at all times
[118:43.3] Albert Friedman (Shotgunbill) [DEAD] PM'd Jerry Jerry (Beastkill60): that's correct
[118:55.1] Jerry Jerry (Beastkill60) PM'd Albert Friedman (Shotgunbill) [DEAD]: ok will do may ifinish the round
[120:10.6] Albert Friedman (Shotgunbill) [DEAD] PM'd Jerry Jerry (Beastkill60): i'm gonna recommend that you re-read and re-understand our rules. we don't call things "gay" around here.  
[120:36.6] Jerry Jerry (Beastkill60) PM'd Albert Friedman (Shotgunbill) [DEAD]: honestly i do that a lot its just my way of beingme
[120:46.2] Albert Friedman (Shotgunbill) [DEAD] PM'd Jerry Jerry (Beastkill60): guess what, friend
[120:49.7] Albert Friedman (Shotgunbill) [DEAD] PM'd Jerry Jerry (Beastkill60): we don't care
[120:51.6] Jerry Jerry (Beastkill60) PM'd Albert Friedman (Shotgunbill) [DEAD]: quote from moana
[121:8.5] Jerry Jerry (Beastkill60) PM'd Albert Friedman (Shotgunbill) [DEAD]: ahh an unintillectualindivual i see
[121:16.1] Jerry Jerry (Beastkill60) PM'd Albert Friedman (Shotgunbill) [DEAD]: well alt time

[122:38.7] Albert Friedman (Shotgunbill) [DEAD] has banned beastkill60 (FILTERED). Reason: Advised not to call people or things gay, or to abandon crew-members on other planets. Decided that the best way forward was to log off mid-conversation. You can appeal this ban on the Goonstation forums. . This is a permanent ban.

The key thing here is your power did not go out during our conversation. You logged out while I was talking to you, and then you tried to log back in on a different account.

Calling things "gay" is not appropriate on Goonstation, and it is a violation of Rule 4. Additionally, your particular conduct is not suited for our RP server. If you want to play on Goonstation and if you abide by our rules in the future, I would recommend that you stick to our normal, non-RP server.

Aight my dude
You're probably not going to read this, but I hope you will.

Goonstation has a pretty different community philosophy than a lot of other servers! Our server is set up with the idea that everybody should be able to play and feel welcomed as long as they're willing to abide by our rules (which were constructed with community input, not just something we came up with on our own).  Part of those rules is a hard no on bigotry, because bigoted speech excludes people.  We don't want exclusion.  We don't want someone to feel like they're less welcome because they differ from the (false) assumption that Real Gamers are straight white cisgendered neurotypical dudes.  As a result, we have a large playerbase and a large coding and administration staff.  As a result of that, we have a shitload of really cool features, interesting mechanics that interact with each other in hilarious ways, and a steady stream of new content / features / tweaks / recipes / etc.  It's worth noting that the vast majority of the appeals for permabans or reddit threads complaining about a permaban involve, at some point, the statement that 'i really just wanna play on goon again'.  I get it, you like our stuff.  You wanna play with our stuff.  That makes sense!  We like it when people want to play with our stuff, because that means people think our stuff is cool. Who wouldn't like that?

All we're asking is that you understand that our insistence on no bigotry is literally the reason why we have all that cool stuff you want to play with so much.  We have all this cool stuff because our coders feel comfortable building it.  Our coders feel comfortable building it because they know that we're going to do our best to keep bigoted bullshit off their radar.  I'm not trying to claim that all of our coders are LGBTQIA+ minorities with disabilities or anything insane like that, but many (maybe even most?) of our coders have at least one thing that the internet at large really enjoys giving them hell about.  We don't do that here, and as a result, they spend their time and their efforts making this place better - if you were a coder, and had to decide between working on two projects that were roughly the same, but one was an environment where you'd be treated like a person, and the other was an environment where you'd be insulted constantly, which would you pick?

We don't care what's in your head or your heart, we don't care what your opinions are on gender or race or ability or religion. We don't care about any of that unless you force us to care about it by bringing it up.  We're even pretty forgiving in that we don't generally ban someone immediately for bigoted speech - instead, we'll reach out with an admin PM to give the offender a 'hey we don't do that here, knock it off' message - which is exactly what happened.  You could have very well said 'whoops shit sorry' and it would have ended there.  Instead, you doubled down, lied about something very obvious, and assumed you could just log back in with a different account.

Guess what! A bunch of the coders we're attracted by being an inclusive community are pretty good at preventing that from working.

The reddit thread was really something, by the way.  I really don't think you thought that one through.

If there's a point to this tome, it's simply this: We're not demanding you not be a bigot. We're demanding you not ACT bigoted when you're using our stuff.  Keep it in your pants.
just in case this wasn't completely obvious to you i'd like to point out that it would have been a simple warning and you chose to turn it into this absurd mess. good luck with your evasion attempts i guess?
Yo popecrunch dude i like that you guys are surpisingly nice about this stuff and indeed i get rather quick tempered and no i didnt think that through in the slightest have a good day my dude
Yo bill of you guys even still read this is there any tiny chance i can get a second chance at goon. I promise i wont break any rules intentionally. Also during this incident i genuinly didnt onow what bigotry meant so i didnt really know what it mrant at first and im sirry fir leaving mid convo. Wont happen again.

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