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Manta FixThisShit aka how I learned to love torpedoes
Alright, so it's really not a big secret that I've been busting my ass off with a new map. I've had some set backs to the original plans, mainly due to the nuclear engine being something that would take a lot more work and I'm honestly impatient. If one of the coders ever manages to finish it, I'll be surely adding it in but for now, I'm reverting my plans to the original so singularity engine it is. Apologies to anyone who is disappointed.

Anyway, on with the show. I'll be listing bugs that I am aware of on Manta and other non-secret features that I still need to shove in.

- The engine control 32x96 pc is missing a unpowered and disassembly stages.
- Every single PC in the bridge is missing disassembly stages.
- Nerf the junction box and propeller repair stages, there is too many and they take too long. (Addendum: borg multitool doesn't even work on fixing so let's not use that.)
- Setup the correct amount of job slots for Manta. 
- Cigars are missing inhand sprites.
- Torpedoes need a way to be either bought via the QM or manufactured on the station. Maybe even both. 
- More options with the torpedoes, perhaps allows to open them up and mess with their settings. Perhaps allow to change their penetration values?
- Finish working on two more random events that are currently unfinished.
- Continue doing lighting passes, some places are too dark and some are still too bright.
- Manta magnetic tether still needs to be done.
- Restrict Manta movement lever behind heads ID.
- Captains log computer on bridge.
- Write a singularity startup book.
- Write a book about Manta's movement and other systems (such as the communication tower)
- Add a proper filler turf when a tile gets blown up/destroyed. (Kinda? Still needs more work and variety but good enough for now.)
but i h8 torpedoes  Argh!
hope you don't mind if I stuff this here, since manta's currently singulo-driven. Didn't want to lose this in discord. Basically, two ideas regarding singulo generation, to make it somewhat more akin to a hellburn in terms of power generation.

Idea 1: If engineers want the most powerful, sprite of singulo stays the same size but changes colors depending on what is fed to it/power generation.

Idea 2: If engineers want THE biggest singularity, but want to watch their baby grow. Might need larger containment fields for supersized singularities
starts out 1x1, not generating much, say a pinkish color
3x3, generating 1-3 MW, greenish
5x5 (current?) color we all know and love, and however many watts it produces now
and then from there, introduce various FOOD to singulo, and it'll change colors, if it's big, goes pink, it's dying. if it goes to say, bright white, then it's producing as much as a super hellburn?
which, in this case: remove ability to kill it via bombs, and give CE a special singulo-busting weapon (harmless to living beings and anything other than singularities) in their office, potential to grow singulo via feeding it laser engery from a special emitter, and just tossing all the stuff through disposals at it, plus other things
potential: make disposals lead to singulo, but give it a 2-stage area, so people have a chance to exit disposals before being sacrificed to Lord Singuloth for big growth
Borgs in pods when the ship is moving can get ejected from the pod but can still drive the pod - Borg is stuck until ship stops
Got launched into the clown ship via torpedo tube as a borg. Knockdown status effect kept going on and on until I suicided
Medical storage is accessible from maint with staff assistant access.
You can only send items with the mail chute once. After that the pressure breaks. Azungar: Yeah, it's a weird number but it still works.
[Image: yssWR9g.png]
There doesn't seem to be a locker for medical clothing anywhere on the ship, so people who transfer to medical can't get the appropriate clothing.
Was just CE, had to use the singulo-buster.

Singulo seemed to make me bug out, after having it (the buster) ripped from my hands by the dying singulo, the hands in the UI got bugged to be the 2-handed version (like you're holding one of the big guns), instead of individual (like how it normally is).
You seem able to freely pull the radar console around. Also, clicking it does nothing(possibly due to the unanchored state?).

[Image: unknown.png]

Another issue:
According to Silvercloud29, Comms officer doesn't have access to their own locker.
Medbay lobby starts depressurized occasionally. I remember running into this problem prior to Manta's official debut, but didn't recall it happening in a subsequent round. However, I ran into the issue again last round at the beginning of the shift with no breaches in sight. 

[Image: PV8mCVM.png]

Edit: I did not encounter this issue in the following round
The interference thing that prevents the first shuttle from making it to the station on a nukeop round apparently doesn't work on Manta, or at least it didn't on the nuke round we just had. For all I know it's broken on everything, but I figured I'd mention it here because it happened on Manta.
There seems to be no click delay on bashing the comms tower
Medbay needs more spare uniforms, the current locker doesnt have all the options, and it doesnt have any medical headsets.  This proved a problem when someone transferred to med after the round started.  I had to give him a command headset to compensate.

Med compartment in escape shuttle doesnt have oxygen, I noticed this at least twice.

As a roboticist, I was able to access the artlab.

Once, when we had an end-of-round showdown in the escape shuttle, when it launched, I got thrown so hard I went through the wall, and died.  I wasn't even next to the wall, I had a couple tiles between it and I.

No sink in Robotics
No sink in Operating room.
MD/RD can access the Captain's room and HoP's room (not sure if intentional)
Holding an item in your hand while out in the moving ocean causes you to drop the item, but it still appears as if it is in your hand  even though it is floating away in the sea. This 'fake' item can even be put in your backpack or in your pocket. I suffocated as a Nukie earlier today because I thought my oxygen tank was in my pocket, but it was actually on the ocean floor.
First round of bugfixes is in, keep them coming people.

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