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YouShotFirst - Mentor Application
Usual Character Name: Muk Utep

BYOND Username: YouShotFirst

Recommended By: Zamujasa

Usual Server: Goonstation #1 (RP)

Reason for Application:

To be honest, I don't really "want" to become a mentor, but I feel it would be most appropriate to label me as such, and for me to be able to have access to the other side of the MentorHelp command would be most useful. 

My experience with Goonstation started one day in 2018 when I was searching for F2P games and came across SS13 in a list. While I've always been a fan of "retro" style graphics games, the learning curve for this one is definitely extreme. I still remember my frustration trying to lay down on a bed, jump in a pod, or hide in a locker before being told that click+dragging yourself onto something is a game mechanic. From there, my experience was brightened by jumping into each of the jobs, figuring them out, mastering them, and moving on to find something new.

"That's all fine and dandy, but it doesn't explain why we should make you a mentor." 

Most rounds, I'll roam around in character and ask if anyone needs help or assistance with whatever task they're doing. I remember one round not too long ago where a red-eared newbie was asking in normal chat "how to play." I wanted to assist them so badly, but as I was a ghost at the time, it would have broke immersion for the other players if I had started giving a tutorial over OOC on the basic mechanics of how to be a janitor.

Additionally, I've spent countless rounds giving ingame tutoring on how to make chemicals, mechcomp contraptions, how to work telescience, and even acting as a tour guide of sorts on telescience adventures. However, I do let them do their own thing. There has been more than one instance where I've brought a group of people to earn their "red robes", and have sat at my computer in silent frustration for ~40 minutes while they work the puzzle. Once they complete it, however, it's definitely a gratifying experience. I couldn't name names, but I'm relatively certain anyone who knows "Muk Utep" knows that he's that kind of helpful, if whimsical, person.

My areas of least experience are definitely pathogens and security. As my name implies, I tend to be rather passive in my "attack" approach, and that unfortunately doesn't lend itself to robustness, and therefore playing security in general. In regards to pathogens, I honestly haven't taken the time to learn the system, especially when, from what I understand, it's not the most helpful, intuitive, and is mostly RNG based. Another weakness of mine is successfully playing as an antagonist. For example, it's difficult of me as a Changeling to ruin someone's round by eating them, especially if the round is going to last another 90 minutes (as it often does on the RP server). 

My areas of most experience are pretty varied. I am extremely adept when it comes to the Mechanic class, and can make contraptions of any sort. Hell, I even have experience with the analogue "Control Unit" (Which more people should be using to make loops!). Chemistry comes in at a close second, along with doctoring / surgery, Adventure zone shenanigans, botany, advanced genetics, and other areas of esoteric knowledge such as Flockmind stuff, how to get rare/unique items and equipment, and so forth. I also have knowledge in how to bypass some of the more common glitches that might ruin someone's round (Such as when an item gets stuck or graphically offset when using the "Circle" in a certain adventure zone.)

To summarize, you should bestow the mentorship position to me so that I might have a secure, private way to answer one's questions without revealing them to the rest of the server. I certainly have the knowledge and experience to be able to do so, and I feel that most people would agree that, for the most part, I already fulfill the role.

Previous Bans: None on Goonstation, but I was once banned from a Neverwinter Nights server for testing and exposing certain bugs to the resident admin. Said ban was lifted after I explained my intent.
this is the best app i’ve ever read, yes
In my admittedly limited time on the RP server, Muk Utep has been a standout crewmember almost every single round and clearly knows their stuff. Between my experiences with him in-game and this excellent application, I'm very happy to give this a +1.
Muk? Yes. +1
YouShotFirst is a helpful, skilled, responsible, and fun player! +1
ysf is very knowledgeable, super willing to teach others, doesnt really meatgame or anything, theyre a good pick for mentor!
(08-19-2019, 04:07 PM)Adhara In Space Wrote: ysf is very knowledgeable, super willing to teach others, doesnt really meatgame or anything, theyre a good pick for mentor!

I meatgame more often than you realize

Metagaming is a big nono though.
I have worked with Muk on many things and is always a pleasure to do such things with! Taught me and others a few many things. Fun and jolly to talk to and would love to see him as a mentor so its a yes from me +1
Yeah I definitely support this app, after having interacted with them decently through the last few days and extensively in one round. A good player who is knowledgeable and can be trusted with the purple text.
Muk aka YSF is a model player in every regard.
Give him mentor perms NOW. He is made for it.

i will metagrudge you if you don't accept this /s
YSF is a very knowledgeable player, and its a pleasure interacting with him in game.  Many times, we've coordinated both research and tutoring efforts, and have shared notes many times.  Furthermore, he is also quite good about conflict, and knows how to escalate, very rarely firing the first shot, and this will set a good example for any neophytes he interacts with.  I support this application.

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