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Minor Brain transplant + SR breaks polymorph.
In the normal way of becoming a human again, I was butchered as a critter, and my brain put in a monkey-turned-human body. Then, to save time, I was directly revived with SR. Then, polymorph didn't work on me after that. I didn't have the chance to test it with the clone body, as the round had ended.
AFAIK - genetic abilities are not tied into "yourself" but rather your body. This is why when you are cloned, you lose your abilities.

In the same element, you were effectively cloned. You were taken out of original body and put into a monkey (which did not have polymorph). Thus as a result, the genetic abilities did not carry over.

Coder yell at me if i'm wrong here.
I think what he means is that the polymorph spell did not work on him after the fact, rather than the genetics polymorph power, probably due to the fact that his brain was still being registered as a critter for the purpose of the spell
Sorry if I didn't clarify. I meant the wizard spell polymorph.

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