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WhatATerribleUserName's Mentor Application
Usual character name: Jebediah Hawkins
BYOND username: WhataTerribleUserName
Recommended by (if applicable):TheCannonMan, Triacontakai 
Goon servers you play: Goon 2

Reason for application + game experience (300 word minimum): I would say my main reason for applying is that I enjoy helping new players. Every time I see a player who's new and excited to learn about something, I often try and help them get into the game. It's one of the best feelings in the world and I want to do that more. I also feel that more mentors is always a good thing. It helps newer players ease into a fairly hard to learn game, and makes the server more accessible for everyone. This leads to more people playing, which in return gives Goon a longer lifespan. When I joined Goon, and SS13, for the first time, I had absolutely no clue on how anything worked, and it deterred me from playing due to how jarring of a shift it was. I feel that mentors stop this from happening. Futhermore, I feel that the wiki is only able to cover the basics due to the nature of its existence, and mentors and helpful players are needed so that new blood can learn both the basics and the more advanced mechanics much more easily. 

In terms of game experience, I've been playing for about a year as of now, and I've had a wide variety of experiences with the different in-game job systems. I'm good with the basic, fundamental systems. The job I'm most familiar with is Security, in which I often play HoS. HoS itself functions like a mentor for Security, and is often times incredibly important for a good Security team. I'm incredibly familiar with the medical system, and can use it effectively. In terms of science fields, I'm fairly adept at all of them, in particular toxins and chemistry are where I'm most experienced. I have an adequate, although not incredibly in depth knowledge of the engine, although I can certainly get it working. In terms of the "technical" mechanics is where I'm most lacking, although I do have a decent grasp on some of them, things such as packets escape me for the most part. 

As a way to wrap things up, I've spent about a year on this server overall. I've enjoyed seeing it develop and grow, and I love helping new players experience it better. The time I've spent on this server has been some of the best time I've ever spent, and I wanna spend a bit of it helping people so they can have an even better experience with the server.

Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will): None
Jeb is pretty okay in my eyes
there's a certain dedication to the farty spaceman game here
so here's my e-yes
Absolutely. I've seen the way you play, you'll make a great mentor
I've had consistently good experiences with Jeb and would rather be inclined towards a state of trusting him as a mentor. +1
character count
finally a non-hos app, and its from a good recognizable name. terrible username though
Jeb is a positive guy who is always willing to help out when asked - he'll be swell +1
Jebediah is a good egg, would make a fine mentor. +1 from me
Despite his terrible username, Jeb's already been doing fantastic in a mentor role as HoS, and I think it's natural that he transition into mentorhood, considering his attitude and knowledge of the game.
yep they good
I've only had positive interactions with Jeb. Absolutely.
I've played with Jeb, always a positive experience.
I don't know Jebediah super well, but all of my interactions with them have been positive. They have been helpful to other players, competent at their job(s), and patient with newbie crimers as HoS.

Please consider this my support for Jeb's application.
Jeb is a great guy that really knows his way around the game. He deserves to have his positive influence, and direction expanded to all those who require it.
I think this is a good idea. Seems to know a lot about the game, seems like a nice enough person, I don't see a problem giving this Jeb the purple.

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