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HoS application, Stinky Pete/Pepe Roni/Hole_Stretcher26
Usual character name: Stinky Pete/Pepe Roni
BYOND username: hole_stretcher26
Recommended by (if applicable): ErisTheSlackWyrm (tooty)
Goon servers you play: Goon 1 & Goon RP (occasionally)

Reason for application: I've been playing Sec and Detective a lot recently and it turns out I quite enjoy it. I've noticed that there are occasionally "newer" sec officers that log on and they seem to be missing direction and purpose and seem to lack the traits of a proper security officer. I'd like to help these guys learn how to approach all the situations they meet and how they are supposed to carry themselves as a person of "authority" in our server. 

Security experience (300 word minimum): I started playing as detective god knows how long ago and I soon moved on to playing as an officer and I really enjoy both roles. I've no idea when I started playing as a detective or how many rounds I've played as sec, I'm sure admins can figure that one out. However I have been influenced by some of the officers I played with when I first showed up on goon, namely Bryce Richter. Bryce in my eyes is the pinnacle of what a sec officer should be and I've tried to use him as the bare minimum standard of how I should act as an officer. I do see myself as experienced as an officer because I have been around the block as they say when coming to law enforcement roles in other games, and I have picked up what niche things I need to learn for being an officer in this game too, yet I am always open to learn more. As someone who's had to take on a more mature role as a protector/guardian/role model for my younger family members I understand quite well how to act when I am seen as the authority in the room and I consider myself a person with a natural propensity to be a leader in a community as I have great patience, quick wits, and I usually empathise with others very easily so that I can better understand what decision I make will have the best outcome for the most people. I think with all my natural and learned traits combined I can be a trustworthy HoS, one that people can converse with about their issues, and one that people can come to for help/guidance/advice. So I need ten more words to reach the limit, egg.

Answer two or more of the following:
  • What advice would you give to other sec players? - Be calm. Always stay composed and fair, treat all citizens the same and realise that they are trying to have fun as much as you are. Do not hold the stun baton on harm intent. Try to talk criminals down unless they're doing some crazy murder shit, in which case take them down. Use minimal force on suspects, meaning use your words when you can, the flash when you can, and the baton or gun when necessary.
  • What was one of your favourite security moments? (Either playing as a sec officer or interacting with one) - My personal favourite moments are when I was being arrested by Bryce Richter and when interacting with Tooty the Clown. Both of those people are super wholesome and fun to play alongside, though I haven't seen Bryce in some time. Of course the moments on nuke rounds or the times where there is a rampaging murderer and you have to get serious and take down some scum are super fun, but personally the quieter moments usually top those.
  • What game improvements or changes do you think would benefit security players? - Well if we're talking purely benefits then an increased power cell (more than 200 watts) would greatly benefit those of us who are bad aim with the taser gun. If we're talking about a benefit to the whole station then something that would make sec officers more efficient in their job or less imposing to normal citizens would be good to have. Perhaps if officers had less power to do damage to citizens they would be less intimidating and called shitsec less often.
  • Describe any differences in your playstyle when part of a full security team and when being the only security officer. - My style generally stays the same if I am a lone sheriff or part of a sec team. The main differences are that when I am part of a group I tend to communicate often with my teammates with just about everything I encounter. I value their thoughts on my experiences and decisions and I talk with them in the hopes that it allows them to trust me and share what knowledge they have to offer. I also find that I am more effective in a group scenario as I have more allies to rely on and gather information from and assign tasks to. It is all around easier to play in a group than alone, yet during both I patrol quite regularly, always on the prowl for crime, and always ready to talk with or help citizens in need, regardless of if I am in a group or not. 
Answer one or more of the following fun questions (because it's important for the HoS to be fun):
  • Write a poem to convey your thoughts on security/NanoTrasen/space/bees/anything related to SS13. - space station 13, im older than 13, assday on the 13th, im not a poet, this how a poem seems.
  • What's a security gimmick that you've ran or wanted to run? - I've wanted to run a delimbing/nuggetting operation on serious criminals. Some criminals just deserve to become a armless, legless nugget with their own ass stapled to their forehead. And I think it would be fun to drag the nuggets around publicly shaming them before we release the horde of angry nuggets upon the crew.
  • Draw a picture! - 8==D
Previous bans (while this will not affect your application lying about it will): I was banned once for (if I remember correctly) making some sort of sexual content joke. I was warned many times before I was banned but I kept slipping up and breaking the rules on speech. Admittedly I do use such language when I am not on Goon and I do police myself when playing about what I type. Although I was banned, it was repealed and it was when I was first playing on Goonstation, so I know I have grown and adapted since then.  sop babys
I personally have not played much as sec with you on the team, so I cannot reliably vouch for him as a teammate or leadership. But what I have experienced is an A+ style of arresting/release and decent robustness.

Example: Tooty was under suspicioun of dangerous contraband. Stinky Pete snuck up on me, stunned and cuffed efficently and while taking me to sec he said quickly why I was under arrest, wich is a big plus for me. I got searched in a sec booth, got some minor contraband taken away (hacking tools and zip gun) and was released with a ticket. All while talking to me.
I have had multiple arrests with Stinky Pete and other interactions that have been great.

Communicating with the suspect is great because not knowing why you are under arrest and sometimes getting searched, brigged and so on without ever hearing a word from the sec officer is horribly frustrating.

And you stand way above other sec officers due to both talking with us and making the arrest very enjoable, and not bothering with brigging for very minor crimes.
Wich is another very frustrating thing that I see most HoS's do right. Many newer or too serious sec officers will put you in the brig after a lengthy search and arrest for something trivial. So for something as small as punching or slipping a sec officer can net 15+ minutes of time spent in custody. When a ticket, search and small beating would suffice.

Like I said, I have not personally played much as sec with you, but I hope other sec officers who has can chime in.

+1 from me for being great to play with and giving me an enjoable arresting.
Between your rather abrasive language warnings, the rather horrific gimmick you've included as "wanted to run" (please, please don't do that.) and what you've chosen to include as a "draw a picture" - I don't really see HoS material here.

In the interest of transparency, you actually do have two bans on record, not one: One for uploading traitor laws when you were fairly new to the game (no big deal), the second, more recent, for vile language involving sexual assault, slurs and mocking mental disability. The most recent warning you've gotten for this is as of time of writing less than 48 hours ago . I'd suggest you take a moment to review that before taking a position of leadership.
I havent seen you play as security, but a quick glance at your history shows a long record of behavior that I would not want to see in a mentor or hos. Strong no.
No from me due to your extensive and recent history/notes. An HoS is looked up to by newbie sec players, someone who often has issues with the rules shouldn't be put in that position. I'd be willing to support the application if you played sec more often and behaved well for a significant period of time to show that you could be trusted with the position.
Head of Security being a role that can coordinate the other members of the department in both leadership skills as well as being a solid example that can be looked up to by newer officers regarding how to act makes me feel iffy on the latter part considering the frequent infractions regarding social pressence on the server that wouldn't feel right coming from a player on this position.
I don't need to see you in game, your application tells me everything I need to know.


I wouldn't trust anyone running some weird de-limbing gimmick with armory weaponry, and typing dicks isn't exactly an image I'd like to be associated with as a mentor.
Eh, seems my past has left a bit of a mark on me. No bother, I'll just have to continue behaving well and whenever an opportunity comes around I'll probably apply again. I thought perhaps how I behave as sec would overshadow the numerous warnings for my language but hey its not my decision.
Im glad you've taken the feedback constructively.
Keep working on things and reapply when you're ready.
Closing this thread for now.

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