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[Feature] harmless glitter recipe
credit goes to slacker and urs for the idea

the patch:
this is a butt-simple patch. it just adds a recipe for an already existing chemical
ofc recipe can be adjusted if its inappropriate, needs balancing, whatever reasons pop up!
(also if theres a reason for harmless glitter not being a thing and i screwed up the balance of the cosmos with this patch im sorry blurgh)
  • adds a recipe for harmless glitter! just mix platinum, paper, and colourful reagent together in a beaker.

the supplements:


compare link:
I have a strong desire to make things sparkle without necessarily murdering them, so this patch is very quality imo
This would be a very welcome addition.
yes, thank the heavens.
The age of platinum is now. A good patch
it literally couldn't hurt to add.

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