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Make notice boards persist through rounds
Why it's good for the game:
It would be cool if players could write tips, poetry, recipes, etc for people in future rounds.
I've never seen anyone use notice boards. They're clearly underused.
It adds to the atmosphere of the game.
How would you deal with notes piling up?
That does seem pretty fun. Like polivilas said though, gotta do something about too many notes.

I'm not sure how notes there work now. But we could restrict the characters in a note to something short, and maybe only allow new notes to be posted every few minutes or once a round. Then when it get's to a certain size or maybe on round end, we could save that data for next round and put it on goonhub or something.
"don't give up, skeleton"
Aside from database storage size and network retrieval IO technical difficulties, why not let them pile up? Maybe have a cooldown on posting notices to prevent dopes clogging it with endless walls of garbage, and also let the crew remove notices and toss them in a wastebin that's emptied at the end of the round.
Noticeboards currently basically contain pieces of paper. Nobody uses them but you can put papers on them and take them off and put them back on again if you wish. This idea sounds funny and probably wouldn't lead to that much bad but it might be hard to implement.
Would each noticeboard have it's own set of notes, or would it be universal across all boards?

I would just set a limit on how many notes can be on a board and require taking one down to post a new one up.

Mostly so cross round arguments can play out over who keeps taking down all my notes
Make the notes get destroyed by fire/explosions (if they're paper, they might do this already??) and I'm sure you'd never have to worry about too many notes piling up, with the number of pyromaniacs on the station.
Also, idea for making notice boards used more: Make a big Ole sprite that indicates a board has unread notes on it

Something like this
Quote:[Image: 2.png]

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